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134 "I will send him

134 "I will send him back to Earth in a sleep mode. When he wakens, he will remember his trip to the Space-Between Dimensions as a pleasant encounter, and I will control him." Daiyu motions removing the sound barrier and sends another lightning bolt at Anza creating an energy field around him sending him off to Earth through the meteorite showers. Anza snaps out of the sleep mode becoming aware of the situation as he speeds uncontrollably toward home. He calls to Nous for help. Solo and Duo have the Stellar Monitor focused on Anza in deep space and we see Nous approaching. The Stellar Bubble Craft zooms through outer space pulling up next to Anza as he is entering the atmosphere. The Craft opens and draws him in carefully. He falls back into a sleep mode as Nous transports him back to the safety of his bed. Duo positions the Stellar Monitor back to the happenings on Earth. The next morning Anza is awaken by his grandfather. "Wake up sleepy head. You have much to do." After breakfast, Anza and his grandfather go for a walk to the Path of Knowledge and sit under the Sugi tree. Anza tells Phir Qi of his nighttime dream travel to the Space-Between Dimensions finishing with, "But, it felt real, and there was more happening. It wasn't just all those meteorites and four-dimensional images." "How do you know it was the Space-Between Dimensions? Did you meet someone there?" "I think so, Katipo maybe, but it's kinda fuzzy."

135 "I'll work some of my own magic and we'll find out what you saw, but we'll ... you will have to go through the Dream Recovery Protocol." The black Raccoon appears in front of them. Phir calls out, "What do you want?" Notso replies, "I want to help." "Help? How?" "I've been watching the raven ... the bad guys from the other planet ... Gray Wolf ... all of ---" "Get on with it." Notso looks at Anza, "You have the Cosmic Eye Medallion." Phir looks at Anza, "You have? Of course you do." "We can watch what they are doing." says Notso with confidence. Phir skeptically looks at him. Phir turns back to Anza. "You know how to ---?" "Yes." Anza takes the Medallion from his pocket and sets his thumb firmly in an indentation at the bottom. The eye of the medallion glows, brighter, brighter, and then a laser type blue light projects a three-dimensional holographic image of Gray Wolf. Surprised, he drops the Medallion, and looks to Phir who motions for him to pick it up. Anza cautiously picks it up and presses his thumb repeatedly, pointing, until there are more images; Gray Wolf is still sitting on the ground as the Sheng Chi Master enters the hologram. They fadeout and are replaced with an image of the raven in the cave talking with an image of Dimitri in the pool.

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