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136 "Whoa," sings Notso

136 "Whoa," sings Notso as an image of Katipo appears inspecting the Crest. The images fade, "Yeye? What can I do? They all want the Crest for different reasons." Notso walks slowly to Anza, "I can get the Crest from Katipo when she sleeps." "That's too risky. I'll find a way." Phir looks at Anza, "We must go to the Chamber Obscura and use the Tome to access the Chronicle of Unchangeable Changes. It will tell us what to do, not this raccoon" Notso tries to defend his presence and brings more doubt to the situation. "Where is this Chronicle, and why is it called Unchangeable Changes? How can there be changes that you can't change?" Anza dismisses the raccoon, "You don't know anything," he calls out, "Nous ... Nous." The Bubble Craft moves toward Anza and slowly lowers to a point two feet above the ground. The Craft flies off as Nous hovers. Nous speaks in a childlike voice, "Ahh, you wish for assistance to enlighten the critter. Or perhaps there is another reason you summon me." "It's not about him. I want to know the mystery of the unchangeable changes." "Change is the only thing that is constant," Nous pauses, "even when we struggle to maintain the dynamic balance of the opposite planets." Nous looks at Anza and Notso. "If one planet changes ... the other must also change, or they both will be destroyed." "That's why the crest and raven must go back to Planet Theia. Right?"

137 "And, the others must also go back." Nous moves closer. "The Unchangeable is the Ultimate Presence. The Ultimate Presence will not change with the flow of time as you know it ... the evolution of events change to the unchangeable, and is no more. When you Paesre you become one with the embodiment of Ultimate Duration." Phir looks at his grandson, "Do you understand, Sūnzi?" "Sort of Yeye," he shrugs his shoulders, "not really." he turns to Nous, "What am I 'sposed to do now?" "Go with your grandfather to the place where you learn from the Chronicle of Unchangeable Changes. There you will discover more about the Unchangeable. You must use the Sacred Oglala Bow in addition to your Transfer Ring and the Cosmic Eye Medallion to gain access to the Transdimensional formula that is necessary to send these objects to their rightful place." "What about the Crest?" "Go now and learn." Nous waves and the Stellar Bubble Craft appears in the distant sky and swoops in as before, encompassing Nous as it flies away. Anza and Phir turn and walk away. "What about me?" Notso calls out. Anza waves goodbye without a sound.

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