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140 handful of dust. The

140 handful of dust. The throws it up in the air as unearthly indistinguishable ghostly images appear then disappear in the dust. He turns away mounting his horse and rides off shouting beware the Ghost Dancers in Lakota, "Iwakta ye Howiwacipi." A few miles down the road, Gray Wolf meets up with his group of scoundrels and gallops off to meet Nigel. Nicholas Gray Wolf and his cohorts rein in their mounts just short of Nigel Churchill, who is standing by his horse on the side of the road. "The one that calls himself the Equilibrium has great powers and says we must return to the Planet Theia with the horse and Crest," bellows Gray Wolf. "When do you plan to return?" asks Nigel. "Not before we get the treasures. Drinkwater will be a problem because he lives here and doesn't care if the Crest and horse stay here, and that black bird; he's crazy enough to mess everything up with his greed." Gray Wolf says with authority. Nigel looks at the band of Indians, "Where are Drinkwater and the bird?" "Dunno about Drinkwater, but the bird always goes to the same cave." "Let's go."

141 Chapter Sixteen Raccoons and Owl Back at the cave, the Raven is sitting on a rock by the pool looking into the water. Slowly a reflection appears changing into a vision of Dimitri Talbot. The reflection speaks as Carl Drinkwater enters. "We must get the Crest back from Katipo." "She sometimes pretends to be Missus Qi. I've seen her snooping around in the barn and changing into that ... that ... Spider Person." "Spider? You saw her change to a spider?" "Well, not a real spider. She has a spider pitcher on her," he points to his chest, "ya know? And she's pretty ... like a ... a ... angel sort of ... the way she flies off." "Do you know where she is now?" "She sometimes sits under the safe tree." The reflection of Dimitri dissipates and the Raven flies out of the cave. He sees Nigel and Gray Wolf and their band of outlaws in the distance. Knowing they will do anything to get the crest, he morphs into a Great Horned Owl and flies to the Sacred Chinese Cedar Tree to spy on them without being suspected. Katipo, wearing her Latrodectus outfit is sitting under the Sugi Tree in meditation. Her Chota Invisibility Cloak is covering her legs and one shoulder.

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