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142 There are spies

142 There are spies watching; Dimitri, as the Owl, perches on a branch patiently waiting for a chance to swoop down and grab the Crest, and the Black Raccoon is lingering in the shadows of the tree as Carl Drinkwater searches the road with a flashlight in his hand. Carl stops waving his hand as the flashlight beam catches Katipo. He jumps back in surprise. Katipo opens her eyes. "Hello Carl. Come ... come sit with me ... here by my side," she pats the ground. "Where's the rest of you?" "Oh ... here, let me move my cloak." Katipo moves her cloak down and away, exposing her legs, but still hiding her shoulder. Carl stares in awe. "It's just my cloak. Do not be afraid. It makes me invisible whenever I want," she moves the cloak again, this time revealing the rest of her in the black form-fitting Latrodectus attire. She swirls the cloak placing it on the ground next to her in an invisible condition. He looks at her and smiles as he sits near. The mesmerized Carl asks, "What can I do for you?" Katipo knows she has gained an ally, and asks his help to gain access to the Secret Room. * * * * * * * Anza and Phir are in the Chamber Obscura standing at the podium. The Sacred Oglala Bow rests against the podium. Phir is instructing Anza, "When you were with Xandr you were able to move trans-dimensionally because you used both Transfer Rings together,” Phir pauses to be sure his grandson understands, "when you are alone you need the

143 Sacred Oglala Bow and the Cosmic Eye Medallion with your ring." "How did I travel to the Space-Between Dimensions without any of those things?" "We'll get to that later when I take you through the Dream Recovery Protocol." Phir hands Anza the Bow, "Think the command, and use the Bow and Cosmic Eye Medallion with your ring to travel. Do not linger in space; come right back. We have much to do." Anza points his ring finger and raises the Bow in his left hand while holding the Medallion in his right hand. He rises slowly. Then with a rocket-like surge, he flies up and through the star-like ceiling into outer space beyond Earth, past an image of the four-dimensional world, around the Sun to a view of Planet Theia. He pauses for a brief moment and turns back retracing his path to Earth. Anza flies through the star-like ceiling, landing next to Phir in the Chamber Obscura. "Wow! That was fun." "Sūnzi!" "Ok ... Ok." "Let's take a walk." * * * * * * * Katipo is walking along the dirt road examining the Crest. The Great Horned Owl flies high above watching her every move with a readiness to attack. Suddenly the Black Raccoon appears in front of her. "What do you want, Raccoon?" "I want the Crest." "Why should I give it to you? What would a little raccoon do with this Crest?"

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