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144 Obviously insulted,

144 Obviously insulted, the Raccoon says, "Little? Little?" "Oh. Go away and don't bother me." Katipo walks away from the raccoon, but he jumps at her grabbing for the Crest. Katipo dodges. "Gimme that crest or I'll ---" "You'll do nothing you obnoxious little creature." Notso positions itself like a bull ready for the charge, pawing the ground. He morphs into a huge ten-foot-tall Gnashing Teeth Black Raccoon Monster. "Not so little ... little girl. Give me the crest or ---" Katipo interrupts the Notso giant, "Or what, you pathetic critter?" The circling Great Horned Owl sees an opportunity to get the Crest, sets its wings to the full sixty-inch span, and stealthy dive bombs Katipo at the exact moment as the Raccoon Hulk lurches at Katipo. Katipo is unaware of the silent Owl, but whirls her Cloak around herself to avoid the Raccoon Hulk. She sidesteps and disappears under the cloak. The Owl smashes into the Hulk Raccoon and falls to the ground dazed. The Hulk Raccoon searches around and gets angrier and angrier taking a swipe at the Owl. The Owl spreads its massive wings and with incredible ease instantly soars away gaining an advantageous viewpoint from high above. Undetected, he watches Katipo's stealth movement as the landscape disappears and reappears under her cloak revealing her path toward the Qi Farm.

145 The bewildered Hulk Raccoon returns to normal size and scampers down the road toward the old barn. Katipo comes to the Qi farm and takes refuge in a corner horse stall of the old barn. She looks around and closes the stall door placing her cloak on the hay-covered floor. Unbeknownst to her, the White Raccoon watches from behind a hay bale. Katipo lies on the cloak while hiding the Crest under the cloak. The exhausted Katipo falls into a deep sleep. The White Raccoon waits until he hears her heavy breathing, and slowly creeps under the stall door toward Katipo. Carefully removing the Crest, he quietly runs away with the cipher in his mouth and peeks into the Grand Room window. The Great Horned Owl (Raven) is watching from the rooftop. Anza, with the Oglala Bow in hand, and his grandfather return and are walking to the Chamber Obscura through the Grand Room when Anza notices the white raccoon watching from the window with the crest in its mouth. "Look Yeye. The white raccoon has the Crest." "So it does, so it does," he motions to the raccoon. "Go to the kitchen door and bring it here. Quietly, so your Mom and Dad won't hear you. Take the Bow." The massive Owl swoops down, grabs the unsuspecting white raccoon in its talons and begins to fly off as Anza runs out. He raises the Bow intuitively stopping the Owl's flight; he enlists the magic of the deer's tail and carefully lowers the massive bird. The Owl is powerless as he removes the raccoon and Crest from its grasp. With a quick motion, he releases the Owl and watches it fly off as he goes into the house. Anza moves quickly through the kitchen to the Great Room with the White Raccoon in his arms. "The Owl tried---"

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