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146 "I know." "How ---?"

146 "I know." "How ---?" "Cover its eyes." Phir makes his normal arm gestures and incantation, soon the wall opens. They go into the Chamber Obscura. "Put the critter on the chair." The Raccoon takes the crest from its mouth, looks around and opens its mouth to speak. "Not a sound or I'll send you to outer space forever," Phir Qi says with the authority of a drill sergeant. The Raccoon attempts to hide the Crest with its paw, but is not fast enough for the observant Phir Qi. Phir stretches his arm out commanding the raccoon, "The Crest." The Raccoon takes the Crest and begins to speak. Phir moves his hand toward the Raccoon. "Silence, give me the Crest." The raccoon unwillingly gives the Crest to Phir. "It's time for your lesson." "The raccoon ... it'll hear." "Use the Bow." Anza smiles, raising the Bow and speaks 'you cannot hear' in Chinese, "In ting bù dào." "You must understand more about the unchangeable, before we continue your lessons in the magic of transtravel, especially how you traveled to the Space-Between Dimensions without your ring and bow. We will start with the Dream Recovery Protocol."

147 "Did I do something wrong?" "No. Be at peace; you must Paesre." Anza becomes calm as Phir raises the Bow and draws imaginary circles around him transposing him into a holographic image traveling through space toward the Space- Between Dimensions while he stays safely in the Chamber of Obscura. The Tome of Legends begins to glow as the hologram acquires data from the transference and sends the information to the Chronicle of Unchangeable Changes. The Chronicle speaks through the Tome, "I am engaging the Dream Recovery Protocol." The hologram fluctuates as the image changes into two images of Anza. One image speeds away to outer space as the other remains in an apparent sleep mode. The Chronicle continues, "The Chosen One has acquired the nature of Paesre and traveled in the dream state to a dangerous place in deep space without the assistance of his Sacred Oglala Bow or Magical Transfer Ring. This method of transportation is much too advanced for the novice Chosen One and should be curtailed until he is more experienced. He is fortunate to have survived his encounter with the Black Jade." Phir lowers the Bow; the hologram sputters and fades away as Anza returns to an awakened state. "What happened? I was able to see and hear everything from the Chronicle while I was in the hologram." "That is the nature of the Dream Recovery Protocol." "How do I keep from doing that again?" "Control; you need to be aware and practice control."

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