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148 Chapter Seventeen

148 Chapter Seventeen The Other Horse Anza is riding 'Runs like the Wind' in the meadow as Qingling races up riding bareback. They join up and stop to talk. "Where'd ya get the horse?" Anza asks, "He's beautiful." "I found him on your farm way over there," she points. "Who does he belong to?" "You, I s'pose ... I mean ... he's on your farm ... maybe he could be from ... na-a-h ---" "What should we call him?" "How about calling him Lightning?" "Why?" "Well, it was raining and lightning and thundering when I found him. I went under the old lean-to so's I wouldn't get wet, and there he was. "Lightning and Thundering. Thunder, I like Thunder." "Me too; me too! Let's go!" Anza and Qingling race toward a distant meadow. Gray Wolf and the four bad guys spot the kids, and give chase. Anza and Qingling see them and urge their horses into a gallop, but it is too late. The bad guys cut them off on a diagonal path.

149 "Hold up." Gray Wolf motions to the kids with a rifle in hand. "What do you want?" Anza shouts. "We'll talk about that later. Get their reins. Take them to the cave." The kids try to get away, but are surrounded. They unwillingly succumb to the capture. One of the bad guys reaches over and grabs the reins of Anza's horse while another guy throws a lasso over Qingling's horse. They ride down the path with Gray Wolf and the other bad guys taking up the rear. The short ride seems like a horrifically long journey as the bad guys lead Anza and Qingling to the Cave entrance. Gray Wolf motions for them to dismount. The bad guy pulls the reins over 'Runs like the Wind's nose causing him to rear, which spooks Thunder. Thunder reacts and rears with his forelegs thrashing aggressively. Without reins, Qingling grabs the mane, but is unable to control her mount and attempts an emergency dismount. Thunder moves violently throwing his bareback rider to the ground. Qingling receives a hard blow to her head rendering her unconscious. Thunder raises his head, snorts and bolts away. Anza dismounts and rushes to Qingling. Traumatized by the happening he starts wailing. "Shut up kid." Gray Wolf hollers as he prods Qingling with his foot. Anza tries to wake her up, but his cousin does not move. Gray Wolf pulls Anza away from Qingling passing him off to one of the bad guys. "Take him into the cave." "Leave me alone," Anza Kungfu kicks the bad guy, "she's hurt. I gotta help her."

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