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14 Anza, an expert rider who appears to be awkward in his baggy pants and sneakers makes a sharp turn to Qingling summoning her to follow with a simple follow-me movement of his head as he jambs his heels into the horse's side. Qingling responds without a word and they race to the Qi Farm stopping in a cloud of dust. Anza wants to be cool and always wears red frame Aviator glasses. Anza’s grandfather, Phir Qi, a tall youthful and noble looking man with a moustache and goatee matching his silky shoulder-length black hair, which seems to meld into the collar of his black leather jacket, witnessed the thunder and flash and rushes from the farmhouse getting to the old barn as the teens dismount. Phir towers over his diminutive grandson rustling the boy's short curly layback hair, with his hand, in a gentle it'll-be-okay-fashion as they walk slowly and cautiously into the barn. They stop when they see the bronze statue. Phir intuitively knows the statue came from Theia, and it is going to be trouble. Anza, Qingling, and Phir Qi are synchronistic duplicates of Xandr Softwind, Yellow Flower and Emera Softwind, but of Chinese descent. “What’s happening Yeye?” The timid Anza asks with the endearing Chinese word for grandfather. “It has happened; the worst.” Qingling shouts with an impatient tone, “The worst what? What’s going on?” Anza removes his sunglasses for a brief moment displaying surprise in his big brown eyes and says, “That statue wasn’t here before," turning back with a quick glance at Phir he puts the shades back on and asks, "where’d it come from?”

15 Solo speaks, “How’d we get here?” Duo speaks with a finger to his lips, “Quiet, they might hear.” Qingling looks around, and asks, “Who said that?” Phir Qi looks around with a quizzical frown and whispers to Anza, “We’ve got some interlopers.” Anza looks around uncertain as to what he is looking for and shrugs his shoulders, “Inter what?” Phir searches the barn with suspicious eyes spotting the raven perched in the rafters, “This is not good. Come along," he turns and leaves the barn with the kids obediently behind. They go into the country style kitchen, “There are homemade cookies on the counter, anybody hungry?” The petite Qingling tosses her pink-banded straw cowgirl hat onto the seat of a kitchen chair revealing her waist length pigtail black hair with bangs as she darts to the refrigerator, “I'll get the milk.” Phir unconsciously stares out the kitchen window at the old barn. A concerned look fills his ageless Chinese face as he realizes the time has come to pass his legacy on to Anza, and educate him in the way of the Chronicle of Unchangeable Changes. He turns to the kids sitting at the table and looks at Qingling, “You should get on home. Your parents will be worried. I'll have Nigel bring your horse around,” he talks into his cell phone, “Bring Q's horse around.” Qingling looks up, “Okay, but?” “No buts, off with you.”

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