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152 stopping his search

152 stopping his search near the base of the mountainside and sees a horse outside a cave entrance. He recognizes it as 'Runs like the Wind'. Phir sets the binoculars down grabs his rifle in one hand, raises the Oglala Bow with the other hand and flies to the horse's side. He checks Qingling and gets a concerned look on his face. He lifts the Bow to the sky in a ceremonial fashion. "Nous. I need your help." A moment later, the Stellar Bubble Craft appears in the distant sky rocketing directly to Phir and Qingling. The Craft hovers, lowers to rest two feet above the ground next to Phir. Nous looks around, considers the situation and goes to Qingling with an extended hand. The light milieu surrounding Nous brightens as it expands to encompass Qingling. A Green Ray shoots from Nous' finger shinning directly on Qingling's forehead. After a brief moment, Qingling stirs and awakens, but is a little groggy. The light shroud diminishes as Nous extends a hand, "Come child." Turning to Phir with a convincing glance, "I'll take her home. Set the horse free and leave." "What about my grandson? "I'll be back for him. Do not worry." Qingling walks slowly and unsteady toward Nous. With a slight motion, Nous summons the ethereal light from the waiting Craft. It surrounds Nous and Qingling drawing them in. They disappear inside the Craft as it rockets away. Phir unties the horse swatting its rump with his rifle barrel. The horse runs back to the farm with Phir in his pickup a short distance behind.

153 Chapter Eighteen Katipo's Revelation Katipo, still under her cloak in the horse stall watches a holographic image of Phir, Qingling and Nous. She waves her hand and the holograph disappears. She removes the cloak and walks out of the stall to the doorway; looks around and stretches her arms out in front, clicks her bracelets together forming radiant circles and flies out the door to a place near the cave as Nous is returning for Anza. Nous nods to acknowledge her arrival. Katipo, with hands together as if in prayer bows and says, "The children are not supposed to be hurt." "I am gratified to hear you speak with concern for the children." "Daiyu sent me to get the Crest." "Yes, I know. The Black Jade wants the Crest in order to regain the powers he lost when he was banished from Anon. He cannot ---" "But I am to ...," she lowers her head, "I cannot complete my task if the children are hurt." "To expose feelings is to risk exposing your true self." "My true self?" "To place your ideals before the eyes of others is to risk their loss." "I have made promises."

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