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154 "You must always

154 "You must always keep your promises," Nous smiles, "promises are sacred. However, your pledge may have become fragmented in the process." "Fragmented; of course," she looks up with a smile of relief, "I understand." "I can offer you sanctuary at my home in the Province of Acceptance if you agree to help Anza return the Crest and the horse, and of course the others ... to their rightful place on Theia." "You have my word," Katipo bows to Nous and moves into the cave entrance and toward Anza. She swirls her cloak around herself and becomes invisible. Anza is scared and curled up in a corner. The Black Raccoon watches from a crevice. The Owl morphs back into the Raven as it flies in the cave perching on a highextended ledge. They are not aware of Katipo's presence. She moves close to Anza revealing herself from under her cloak as she swirls it over Anza. "Don't be afraid," she covers Anza's mouth to keep him from making a sound, "Nous sent me, and is waiting outside. I will take you to safety." "I remember you. You are ---" "We must hurry." "They'll see us ---" "I've got you covered." Katipo shields Anza with her cloak as they move slowly out of the cave. Gray Wolf looks around. "Where's the kid?" "He's ... he was just there."

155 The bad guys jump up. Run around, looking in cervices, behind rocks. "Check outside." The Stellar Bubble Craft appears in the distant sky and descends to a point next to Anza and Katipo. Katipo steps back swirling her cloak and becomes invisible. The Craft hovers as its bright light flashes out encompassing Anza in an instant. Katipo removes the surrounding cloak and bows to Nous with her hands together as if in prayer, Nous gestures from the Craft as it closes to its bubble form and speeds away. Katipo stretches her arms out in front, clicks her bracelets together forming radiant circles and zooms up and away. Gray Wolf and the bad guys run out of the cave and look around. Gray Wolf shouts, "The horse and the girl are gone." One of the bad guys asks, "Where did they go?" "There's only one place. Let's get going." Phir is standing next to his pick-up by the Qi farmhouse with the Oglala Bow in his hand as the Stellar Bubble Craft swoops in near him hovering with Nous and Anza inside. Anza steps down and rushes to Phir's side. Katipo lands nearby. "What's she doing here?" Anza looks up at his grandfather, "She helped me get away from Gray Wolf and the other bad guys." Nous presents an unlikely circular thumb to first finger okay motion, "She will be helping Anza."

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