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156 Anza looks around, "What happened to Q?" "I took her home ... she is fine." The Bubble Craft flies away with Nous. Phir raises the Bow and points it ceremonially in Nous' direction. He turns and points the Bow at Katipo with a 'don't-get-in-myway' look on his face. Phir takes Anza's arm and leads him to the house. 'Runs like the Wind' enters the barn and goes to his normal place, rears, sets his stance, but remains alive. Katipo follows the horse, strokes his mane and smiles, "We'll get you home." She walks toward to the door, stretches her arms out in front, clicks her bracelets together forming the typical radiant circles and zooms up and away. Duo adjusts the Stellar Monitor to focus on the fourdimensional planet of Anon where we see Katipo sailing through the Portal of Ojas, greeted by Nous and invited to board the Stellar Bubble Craft, which increases in size to accommodate her. They fly off on a seemingly short trip landing at the entrance to the Province of Acceptance.

157 Chapter Nineteen Betrayal We return our sights to the Stellar Monitor. Our vision focuses on Nous in the Province of Acceptance and on Earth simultaneously. Gray Wolf and the bad guys on horseback skulk in the shadows of the old barn dismounting just as Katipo flies off. Pointing to one of the bad guys, "Stay with the horses," Gray Wolf whispers a command and points to another, "watch the door. The rest of you come with me." Gray Wolf and two bad guys sneak to the old barn instructing them with gestures; pointing to each of them and to different directions he wants them to go. Still whispering, "Let's find the horse and get outta here," pointing to another bad guy, "find a halter." One of the bad guys calls in a whisper, "Over here." Gray Wolf joins the bad guy next to two horses. "There're two horses that look the same. Which one do we take?" Gray Wolf ponders the situation, "The one with a saddle. He's the one." "Are you sure? They look the same." The horse with the white saddle moves back and forth and rears as the bad guy grabs his reins. There is a struggle between man and horse. The saddle is loose and falls

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