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158 to the floor. The

158 to the floor. The man wins and leads 'Runs like the Wind' to the barn door. "Let’s' go," Gray Wolf commands. With a halter in his hand, the other bad guy asks, "what do we do with this other horse?" "Leave him." Gray Wolf and the bad guys silently walk away leading their horses and 'Runs like the Wind'. * * * * * * * Anza, lying on his bed, sees the Oracle Frame glow and hears the small 'start-the-race' trumpet sound. He sits up, rubs his eyes, puts his ring on and taps the Oracle Screen. Xandr appears on the screen. "Hi Anza, did I wake you? " "It's OK. What's up?" "When are you gonna get the Crest and other stuff back here?" "Don't know." "February 29th is just around the corner." "I know, I know. Yeye has the Crest, and your horse is in the old barn. Can I send Thunder instead?" "What thunder? What are you talking about?" "Thunder, that's his name. He's just like "Runs like the Wind'. You'd be getting a new horse and ---" "No way. Send 'Runs like the Wind' back to me." "Okay, okay." "Don't forget, you gotta send that raven back too." Meilin is calling from the kitchen, "Breakfast in five minutes."

159 "Ok mom." "I gotta go ... talk later." Anza, Phir, Baxter and Meilin are at the kitchen table finishing breakfast; Meilin is gathering the dishes. Meilin asks, "What are you two doing today?" "Yeye is helping me with my lessons." "No more flying lessons; promise." Commands Baxter. Phir ignores Baxter's comments with a smile, "Help your mother with the dishes. I'm going out to the barn." Baxter drives off as Phir walks into the old barn and meets Katipo, who is wearing her Latrodectus outfit. "What are you doing here?" "Nous asked me to help." "Where's the horse?" "Right there," she points. Phir inspects the horse. "This is a different horse." "He was here last night," Katipo points to the spot where the statue normally stands. "We have to find him and the raven. Time is drawing nigh." "I can find the horse," Katipo says with a smirk. Katipo takes her Transfer Ring from her pocket and places it on her finger. She touches her Abstract Data Recorder Belt Buckle and points her ring finger a few feet in front of Phir. A three-dimensional holographic image of Gray Wolf and four bad guys on horseback leading an extra horse appears. "Look. Gray Wolf has the horse," Katipo exclaims.

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