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160 "How did he get ...?

160 "How did he get ...? Change your," Phir gestures up and down toward Katipo's outfit, "and come with me." Katipo raises her arms above her head and looks up. She sets her hands and pulls an invisible shade down to her toes. Her clothes change to a western hat, a blouse, blue jeans and boots as her hands move down to her toes. "Do you approve?" Phir does not answer while he leads the way into the house. He looks around, does not see Meilin and grabs Anza's arm on his way through the kitchen. They stop at the door to Anza's room. "Get your Oracle Frame, Transfer Ring and the Medallion and meet us in the Grand Room." When they are all together, Phir does his magic and opens the wall to the Chamber Obscura. Anza, Phir, and Katipo move in and stand at the podium. Anza is wearing his Magical Transfer Ring, and is holding the Cosmic Eye Medallion and Oracle Frame. Katipo raises her arms above her head and looks up pulling the invisible shade down to her toes changing back to her Latrodectus outfit. She is also wearing her Magical Transfer Ring. Phir holds the Bow upright while Anza places his ring finger on the left page of the Tome of Legends. A small rumbling sound is followed by the 'oh-oh what's happening music'. A soft melodious voice comes from the Tome. "What do you wish, oh Chosen One?" "I wish to speak with the Chronicle of Unchangeable Changes."

161 The Tome of Legends responds, "Do you wish for me to call upon the Chronicle of Unchangeable Changes?" "Yes." A moment passes and a voice comes from the Tome of Legends, "I am the Chronicle of Unchangeable Changes. What is your desire, oh Chosen One?" "I need the code to transport the Crest ---" Phir cuts him short, "Be specific Sūnzi." "I need the code to transport the Sacred Oglala Crest, the horse, 'Runs like the Wind', the raven, Gray Wolf, and the four bad guys back to Planet Theia." The pages of the Tome begin turning and glowing; faster and faster, brighter and brighter until music begins playing softly building to a crescendo. Suddenly, the music quiets, and the pages stop turning leaving one page aglow. The Chronicle speaks again through the Tome, "The code you wish is encrypted on the Tome of Legends glowing page. You may cipher the code with your Cosmic Eye Medallion and transmit it to your Magical Oracle Frame. Follow the instructions that appear in the Oracle," the Chronicle pauses and its soft voice becomes a command, "be careful to use only the corresponding codes encrypted on the Sacred Oglala Crest with the cipher symbols on this page. To use other codes will be disastrous." Anza reads the instructions with the Cosmic Eye Medallion. He turns his Oracle Frame facing the Tome of Legends. The open page of the Tome glows intensely as the entire book begins to vibrate as if it would jump-off the podium. Light rays stream out at undulating frequencies between the Tome and Oracle Frame with corresponding static discharge sounds downloading the instructions. Af-

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