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162 ter a few moments,

162 ter a few moments, the download stops and the Oracle Frame's screen fades to black. Katipo points her belt buckle to the Tome of Legends. Another set of rays shoot from the Tome to her Abstract Data Recorder downloading the same information. Anza looks in amazement at Katipo, "What did you just do?" "I need the information if I'm going to help you. I'm going to find the raven and get him ready for transport." "I think he wants something special that we can't give him. If he doesn't get it he might not go home." Phir confirms Anza's concern, "He has to understand that Anza doesn't have the power to make those promises." "I will take care of him. I promise." * * * * * * * We return our sights to the Stellar Monitor and Duo adjusts our focus on happenings in the Space-Between Dimensions. Daiyu is watching Katipo's betrayal in his Cosmos Comprehender. He begins pacing; contemplating what to do about Katipo's duplicity. He extends his huge prehistoric-like bird wings and begins flying back and forth erratically stopping at each turn with more deliberation. He flies to the outer limits of the Space-Between Dimensions. With a furious look, he throws lightning bolts toward Earth and the Qi Farm. Striking again and again shaking the ground. He is not satisfied and turns his rage toward Theia slamming the bolts at the Softwind Farm. Anza, Phir and Katipo hear the lightning cracking sound from the safety of the Chamber Obscura. "Daiyu has found out that I am helping you."

163 Anza looks at Phir, "What can we do?" "We do not have the power to deal with Daiyu." "Call on Nous, he will know how to deal with Daiyu," instructs Katipo. "Yes," Phir agrees and continues, "let's go." They hurry out to a place near the old barn. Anza looks up calling out. "Nous ... Nous." The Stellar Bubble Craft appears almost instantly in the dark sky and zooms down at rocket speed, slowing down and coming to rest next to Anza. Nous gets out focusing on Anza. The Craft remains hovering. "I see that Daiyu is angry and attacking you here and Xandr on Planet Theia." "What should we do?" "Contact Xandr and tell him to stay in the safety of his Chamber Obscura. I will counter Daiyu's attack." "What about our parents and ---?" Nous interrupts, "Without the Sacred Crest, his wrath can only be directed toward you, Xandr and Katipo." Nous turns with hands toward the sky. Intermittent Green laser-like beams propel like ground-to-air missiles from his hands towards the Space-Between-Dimensions exploding before getting to Daiyu. "I must get closer to engage him." Nous gets back into his Craft and rockets away. * * * * * * * Duo does his Portal Prompter magic and our view is redirected and ready to witness the Ultimate Battle.

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