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164 The Stellar Bubble

164 The Stellar Bubble Craft approaches Daiyu in the Space- Between Dimensions. The Stellar Craft moves away and becomes invisible as Nous gets out and stands before the Black Jade. "You come to stop me from my rightful destiny." "You do not have the right to cause an imbalance of the planets." "I want the Sacred Oglala Crest. You do not have control of the Crest." "You know I am the keeper of planetary balance. The Sacred Oglala Crest must be returned to Theia along with the horse and the people or ---" "You cannot move these people and their things. Only the Chosen One can, and he is just a boy. I am not concerned with the planets. I am very powerful, and the Crest will increase my power." "The Space-Between-Dimensions will not exist if the planets are destroyed." "Those little people. Ha! I will promise them riches ... they will accept ... I will rule," shouts Daiyu. Daiyu fires a lightning bolt, then another sending Nous whirling back. Nous shakes off the attack and counters with green laser-light blasts that turn into yellow missiles from the right hand. There are more blasts from the left hand. Daiyu staggers a little, but does not falter. He responds with several weakened lightning bolts. A moment passes and both of Nous' hands are blazing green rocketlike blasts with more powerful purple missiles. The multiple missile blasts strike Daiyu propelling him away and out of sight.

165 Nous signals and the Stellar Bubble Craft reappears surrounding Nous, it instantly rockets away at an incredible speed. * * * * * * * Duo whooshes his hand across the keypad and we are back on Earth, materializing in the middle of an earthquake. Anza is sitting on his bed rubbing his Magical Transfer Ring with the Oracle Frame and Sacred Oglala Bow next to him. The Oracle Frame glows emitting a small 'start-therace' trumpet sound. Anza picks it up and taps the screen. An image of Xandr appears on the screen. He speaks, "I'm scared." "Me too, the whole place is shaking like an Earthquake." "It's happening here too, a Theiaquake." "Today's February 28th here. Is it the same there? " "Yeah. One day left. What are you gonna do?" "Me? Not just me; I've been thinking ... we-e-e ... are going to create a diversion." "What kind of ---" "You and your cousins have to come here and help. Here's what I'm thinking ..." Anza outlines his plan. "Do you remember how to get here?" "Yes." Our Earthbound Starcruiser, Totfote, materializes and we board for our trip to the Space-Between Dimensions; we are auto-secured in the quasi-invisible XR trans-tension restraint system. Without a command from Solo, Duo points to a diagram touching a series of icons in a special sequence on the Universal Portal Prompter. There is an

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