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166 instantaneous power

166 instantaneous power surge and we trans-dimensionally travel arriving in a Stealth Slot at the precise time as our duplicate spacecraft and its occupants. It is a strange phenomenon to rejoin with our duplicates. Solo instructs Duo, "Activate Earth/Theia trans audiovideo." Duo points to a diagram on the screen; he swipes an icon in our direction sending a virtual speaker to our position, and we hear voices from Theia. We watch the Stellar Monitor and see Xandr and his cousins on the Softwind Farm. Xandr, Payta, Yellow Flower, and Little Bear, are in the middle of the stable. Xandr raises his grandfather's cane. The Waluta unfurls, and a small whirlwind surrounds them. The Cousins jump back as the Sacred Hoop appears on the floor. "Whoa!" Payta exclaims. "Sit inside the cangleška wakan," Xandr points, "It's a Sacred Hoop. It's where we'll connect to Anza's world. "Connect? Wha'dya mean?" Asks Little Bear, "he's gonna come here isn't he?" "I'm thinking that it's not gonna be that way. Huh?" exclaims Payta. Yellow Flower looks puzzled, "Are we going there?" "Don't worry," Xandr assures them, "we'll be safe." "You ever do this before?" Little Bear squirms. Payta looks at Xandr, "I betcha ---" Xandr takes charge. "Let's get started." Xandr, Payta, Yellow Flower, and Little Bear, are sitting within the Sacred Hoop. A chill moves through the Soft-

167 wind stable. The cousins watch silently as Xandr lifts the Waluta Vision Quest Cane high up. He closes his eyes tilting his head back; he sings an ancient Lakota time travel chant. The Waluta begins waving in the tranquil space; slowly at first, then fluttering as if a strong wind was blowing, but there was none. The filtered moonlight through the cracks in the stable walls and roof soon dissipates leaving a pitch dark 'quietbefore-the-storm' eerie feeling; moments seem like a lifetime until a great vibration followed by a thunderous clap shudders the old building that feels like it should crumble and fall. Suddenly the darkness becomes a soft glow, which rapidly intensifies to a lightening bright illumination, filling the room accompanied by a small breeze that quickly turns into a force whisking them up and out the doorway.

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