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168 Chapter Twenty The

168 Chapter Twenty The Diversion In the Stellar Monitor, we see Xandr and his cousins trans-traveling from the Softwind Farm stable on Planet Theia materializing in the center of the old barn on the Qi Farm on Earth. Anza, Qingling, Arthur, and Longwei stand in awe. Katipo walks in wearing her Latrodectus outfit. She looks around. "We're all here. Good. It's getting dark. It's time to get to work." "Who are you?" Asks the wide-eyed thirteen-year-old Payta as he stares at the shapely Katipo with a curious smile. "Never mind," Anza assures Xandr's cousin, "she's here to help. Nous said it's okay." "So-o-o ... what's next." Xandr looks at Anza. "First ... first of all we gotta get together." Anza lifts the Bow high up. The deer's tail waves and creates a great vibration and a thunderous clap. All the kids tremble as a circle of stones appears on the floor. Anza motions with the Bow, "Everybody inside the circle." "I'll be right back." Katipo turns and leaves. Longwei looks in wonderment, "Is this gonna turn into a rocket ship, and ---?"

169 Anza cuts in; "No rockets Longster. Don't let your imagination get ahead of us. Here's the plan." Anza outlines how they are going to create a distraction and how he will send everything back to Theia. Katipo appears in front of the Sheng Chi Master who is walking on the dirt road. She faces him and bows with her hands together as if in prayer. "Mighty Sheng Chi Master," she pauses for a moment then lifting her head, she notices an old Indian standing behind the Master. "Who is---?" "He is Running Bear, a great Lakota medicine man; and my counterpart from Planet Theia. He followed Black Elk and his scoundrels. He is here to help with the transference if he is needed." "I am here to help Anza. I must find the raven," Katipo announces. "I am pleased you have decided to use your powers to assist the Chosen One," he pauses for a moment and puts his hands together turning the palms facing up. Running Bear takes a Sacred Red Stone Pipe from under his buckskin robe and moves to the right side of the Sheng Chi Master lighting the pipe. "Because you are of Chinese and Lakota ancestry, we will administer a combined blessing to accelerate your efforts." Katipo reverently receives a glowing Tao blessing from the Sheng Chi Master and a 'Visible Breath' sent to the Great Spirit from the Lakota Medicine Man's pipe. The Sheng Chi Master continues, "The raven is with Gray Wolf. He has taken the shape of an owl and is perched in the Sugi tree watching for the right time to steal the Crest."

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