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170 Katipo is adamant,

170 Katipo is adamant, "You must go to a place out of harm's way. I am helping Anza, and will be leaving Planet Earth soon. I will be taking everything that belongs on the Planet Theia." "We will be by the Old Mill if you need us." "Running Bear must be included in the transference." "He will be there when the time is right." "Be safe." Katipo bows in reverence to the Sheng Chi Master and Lakota Medicine Man. She turns, stretching her arms out in front of her clicking her bracelets together. An energy field appears broadcasting radiant circles. She raises her arms to the sky and zooms up and away. "She has great powers," proclaims Running Bear. "It is good that she has given up her allegiance with the Black Jade to help the Chosen One." The Sheng Chi Master and the Medicine Man turn away and walk to the Old Mill. Katipo circles slowly descending to a graceful landing near the Sugi tree where Gray Wolf, Nigel Churchill, Black Elk and the other bad guys are holed up. She surveys the situation seeing their horses across the road in the meadow, the Owl perched in the tree and the Black Raccoon hiding behind the tree. She walks with determination toward the tree, stopping directly in front of Gray Wolf. One of the bad guys points. "Look at the pretty girl." Gray Wolf bellows a hardy laugh. "Look at what we have here; the space-between girl." He inspects her and continues, "Looking for the horse?"

171 "My Name is Katipo Magicaln, and I know where the horse is. But, you must ---" "Must what?" shouts the smug Gray Wolf, "you gonna make us do something?" Katipo stretches her arms out in front of Gray Wolf and his cohorts clicking her bracelets together and opening her arms as if she were embracing the space around them. An energy field forms broadcasting radiant multi-colored circles hanging above the men and their horses in the meadow. The radiant circles imprison them as she lowers her arms. The men struggle and the horses try to run, but are captured in the energy circles. Katipo looks austere at the men sending them and their mounts sailing away bouncing around in the northern sky. The smiling Katipo turns to the Owl. "I know you are Dimitri in a different form. It's your turn. Bring the horse, 'Runs like the Wind', here and I will grant your wish. Do not and I will do the same to you." She looks at the black raccoon behind the tree, "Leave or I'll turn you into a prickly plant." The raccoon scurries off to the old barn. The Owl morphs into a shaking raven and submits to her offer. "I want my own plantation on Theia with a stable of thoroughbred horses and many slaves. I want more money than I could ever spend and a beautiful wife." "I remember, and your wish will be granted upon the arrival of these," ... she points to her captives in the sky, "and the horse and saddle with the Sacred Oglala Crest, and of course, you will be Dimitri Talbot once again." Katipo glances away from the bird, but with a quick turn back she instructs, "You must bring the horse to me tonight. You do know where he is?"

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