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172 "I don't think I can

172 "I don't think I can get the horse. Nigel had him taken away and Carl Drinkwater is keeping him in a corral out on the North Forty. I can get the saddle from the old barn, but I don't have the Crest anymore." "Do not worry about the Crest. Bring the saddle to me. Anza must know where the corral and this North Forty are located." * * * * * * * Anza, Qingling, Arthur, Longwei, Xandr, Little Bear, Payta, and Yellow Flower are in the old barn standing in the Circle of Stones. The Black Raccoon scampers into a dark corner and watches from behind a hay bale. Katipo returns exclaiming, "I have Gray Wolf, and the others from Theia secured where they won't get in the way. The raven will bring me the saddle ... but," she looks at Anza and Xandr, "you have to get the horse." Xandr asks, "Okay, so where is he?" Looking at Anza, "The raven said he is in a place called the North Forty." "That's way out at the far end of our property." "How long will it take to get there?" "It's a long way out there. It'll probably take the better part of a day; and then all night to get back here." Xandr looks at Anza. "We're running out of time. You're gonna have to do some extreme magic, oh-h-h Chosen One." "We're all going. Do you remember the diversion we discussed? It's time. Everyone outside," he looks at Xandr, "except you," he grabs Xandr's arm. "We'll be right back."

173 Anza and Xandr run out of the barn and into the house. They continue through the kitchen and grand room stopping only for the normal incantation before entering the Chamber Obscura. Anza with his Magical Transfer Ring, Cosmic Eye Medallion and Oracle Frame; Xandr with his Magical Transfer Ring and Picture Frame go directly to the podium. The Oglala Bow and Waluta Cane are propped against the podium. Xandr looks around, "Where's the Crest?" "Yeye put it in here." Anza puts his hand into the barely discernible place in the podium. "Ahh; here it is. Now we're ready." "Wha'dya mean? Ready?" "We are going to transport you, me and the Cuz to the North Forty," he smiles an iniquitous smile, "come on."

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