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174 Chapter Twenty-one

174 Chapter Twenty-one Daiyu's Retaliation We return our sights to the Stellar Monitor and the Space-Between Dimensions as Daiyu recovers from his encounter with Nous. He furiously searches the Cosmos Comprehender. He starts tapping the screen; it changes to various images. This is not what he wants; frustrated, he finally locates Katipo going into the barn. Searching the length and breadth of the Qi Farm, he finally detects the captured Gray Wolf and his cohorts floating in the sky wrapped in energy circles. With a space-shattering howl, Daiyu readies himself. He starts throwing lightning bolts toward the Earth Planet. Moments later Duo points to a diagram on the screen touching a series of icons bringing us to the point of the blasts. We hear and see the lightning bolts as they find their target blasting the circles around Gray Wolf and the other ban guys setting them free. Gray Wolf and the gang fall to the ground a short distance from the North Forty. They pick themselves up and ramble around in astonishment. Their horses land in a nearby meadow. "I don't know where that came from," Gray Wolf hollers, "but we gotta git." They run to the meadow and round-up their horses. "Mount up." Gray Wolf and his gang ride away down the dirt road toward the North Forty.

175 Qingling, Arthur, Longwei, Little Bear, Payta and Yellow Flower are standing by the door just outside of the old barn as the lightning bolts find their targets. Katipo comes out from the doorway looking to the sky. Anza and Xandr rush from the house to join with the others. Qingling, in a frightened voice, "What was that sound?" Katipo sheds some light, "It must be Daiyu; it sounds like he's shooting lightning bolts again." The ever-inquisitive Longwei echoes, "Shooting lightning bolts?" "Yes, he throws a tantrum by hurling lightning bolts through space when he doesn't get his way." Mister inquisitive continues, "What does he do when he's really mad?" "You don't want to know." Katipo sets her ring, pointing out in front of the kids, and a three-dimensional holographic image of Gray Wolf and bad guys on horseback appears. "This is not good. They are somewhere in the distance going away from here. Do they know where 'Runs like the Wind' is?" Longwei looks at the holographic image, "They're heading out to the North Forty." Katipo sees the black raccoon peering from inside the barn door. She clicks her bracelets together and points her ring finger with a sinister smirk. The raccoon morphs into a prickly bush and bounces around. * * * * * * *

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