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176 Duo adjusts the

176 Duo adjusts the Stellar Monitor and we are directed to the four-dimensional world where Anon is watching the Cosmos Comprehender with great concern. The Grey Forms move to face him. "It is time for the Thunder Beings. Send them to meet with Nous. Have them positioned and ready to assist the Chosen One. He will be calling soon. They will know what to do." The Grey Forms bow to the Immortal Unknown and dematerialize.

177 Chapter Twenty-two Thunder Beings Duo is busy resetting the Stellar Monitor as the scenes begin to change rapidly with the happenings. This time it is back to Earth where Anza is facing Qingling, Arthur, Longwei, Xandr, Little Bear, Payta, Yellow Flower and Katipo, who are standing by the door to the old barn. "Ready?" There are silent and cautious nods from everyone. Anza is holding the Bow while Xandr has the Waluta Cane readied. Anza tugs Xandr's arm pulling him close. He motions for the others to move in and stand close together. The cousins gather in the Circle of Stones with anxiety, anticipation and a lot of fear of the unknown. Anza looks at Xandr with a demanding face, "Ready." Xandr nods with some trepidation, "Ready." Anza and Xandr raise the Bow and Cane up to the sky and watch as a small bright cloud appears. "Thunder Beings ... Thunder Beings," Anza shouts. Thunderous sounds and lighting flashes rise up filling the sky. Then, without warning, the Thunder Beings' booming voices come from nowhere and everywhere at once. "Go, Chosen One. Go to the far reaches of your land and discover the horse, 'Runs like the Wind'. We will await you there."

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