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180 Realizing the danger

180 Realizing the danger to Xandr, Anza runs and closes the gate. He raises his arms and points the Sacred Oglala Bow upward to the sky calling the 'Thunder Beings' in Chinese. "Léi zhòngsheng ... Léi zhòngsheng." A small bright cloud appears with the sounds of thunder and cracking lighting flashing through the sky. The lightning bolts target the ghostly images in the corral. The Ghost Dancers are no match to the powerful Thunder Beings, and splatter into dust clouds, and are absorbed by the Thunder Beings' flashes and whisked away into outer space. The Thunder Beings are back on track and the crackling lightning resumes in a circular pattern forcing everyone inside a circle of energy. A booming surreal voice comes from nowhere and everywhere at once "take them away," as Gray Wolf and his band of scoundrels cower in fear. Anza jumps into the circle and raises his Bow, pointing it to everyone in the corral then to the sky. He surveys the situation, and raises the Sacred Oglala Bow up to the multi-colored sky and chants in Chinese 'raise us high, transport with my thoughts', "Tígao women gao, Jiaotong yu ow de xiangfa." All the kids, 'Runs like the Wind', Katipo, Gray Wolf and the bad guys on their horses rise slowly at first, then faster as they zoom off into the sky. The Thunder Beings' cloud changes to green, then blue, then lavender and speeds away vanishing into the sky.

181 Chapter Twenty-three The Final Conflict Solo is studying the Stellar Monitor, looks up at Duo and says, "Something is about to happen with Daiyu." Without any further instructions, Duo points to a diagram on the screen touching a multitude of icons and we rocket to the Space-Between Dimensions. We hear voices from the Space-Between Dimensions as Daiyu appears watching us in the Comprehender. The Stellar Bubble Craft approaches from another direction. Solo instructs, "Move to the safety of a stealth slot." Duo responds and we slide into the slot. Daiyu turns away from us and directs his attention to Nous' Stellar Bubble Craft. He hurls numerous lightning charges, but the Craft avoids the assault by zigzagging and finally engaging its Averteron shield. The Averteron shield weakens from the constant lightening blasts. Nous activates a cloaking device and moves forward to an attack position. The stealth Bubble Craft fires beams at Daiyu's position knocking out his Comprehender. The Craft settles in behind Daiyu. Nous approaches Daiyu from the rear. "Looking for me?" "I have been waiting for this moment." "You have become more determined to rule the planets without any regard for the inhabitants." "I have become more powerful."

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