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184 Katipo, using her

184 Katipo, using her Transfer Ring, captures the Owl, and slowly lowers him into the confinement of Radiant Circles. The Owl morphs back into the Raven. She moves and secures the white saddle to 'Runs like the Wind'; she raises Xandr up and places him on 'Runs like the Wind's saddle. "Are we ready to transfer?" asks Anza. "Not yet." Katipo looks around and sees Running Bear walking toward the corral with the Sheng Chi Master. She goes to meet them. Bowing in reverence to the Sheng Chi Master, she turns to Running Bear, "the time has come," she links her arm to his and escorts him to the corral. The Medicine Man gives her a warm hug, raises his bow and sails into the confines of the Circles. "Now," shouts Katipo as she looks to Anza. Phir walks toward Anza. "It's your turn." "Yeye ... everything is ready." "I have the crest here," Phir reaches in his pocket. Anza takes the Sacred Oglala Crest from his grandfather. He looks down, and studies the markings on the Crest, “Time to go home.” With a motion as if skipping a stone across a lake, he zaps it into place on the white saddle as a volley of brilliant sparks fly from the saddle as it sighs. Anza looks at Katipo, turns his attention to Phir, and finally looks at all those secured in the Radiant Circles making sure nothing is missing. "What if they don't go where they're s'posed to go?" "You studied the word. The children will go home; the Thunder Beings will take charge of Gray Wolf and his gang back on Theia,” he pauses looking at Katipo, “and Katipo

185 has arranged for the raven's reward after its return. I have talked to the Sheriff about Nigel. It's time." Anza stands facing the Radiant Circles' captives. He reaches into his pocket and removes a silver necklace he took from the silver box moments ago, and attaches it to the Cosmic Eye Medallion placing it around his neck. Katipo nods approval. Pointing his Magical Transfer Ring Anza raises the Bow, leans his head back, chants in Chinese, 'gather all the people and objects', "Shoují suoyou de rén hé wùti." He waits and looks around at the good and bad captives. Gray Wolf and the bad guys struggle to escape. Xandr sits apprehensively on 'Runs like the Wind' and his cousins move around as they wait impatiently. Anza readies himself for the final moment, looks to the sky and chants another command, "Fhuí dào tamen de xingqiú." A powerful golden beam shines down from the sky as he turns the bow sideways for its full force. The beam widens into a massive inverted cone until it encompasses the sky directly above those within the Radiant Circles. A laser-like beam streams from Anza's ring toward the sky as he leans back a little more repeating the final command, "Fanhuí dào tamen de xingqiú." The golden beam of light from the sky unites with the beam from the Sacred Oglala Bow with a thunderous blast that quiets to a heavenly melody. The stars disappear as the sky changes colors from black to blue to red then yellow and finally becomes an eerie shade of green. The inverted cone changes into a swirling funnel and zooms down inside the limits of the Radiant Circles. The swirling stops for a brief moment until all

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