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186 things in the

186 things in the Radiant Circles begin to lift off the ground into the inverted tornado-like funnel rotating slowly at first picking up speed as it rockets into the changing sky. There is a warm, calming silence as the sky changes through a myriad of colors finally returning to its natural state as Anza, Phir, Katipo and the cousins watch the return of balance to the universe. Katipo breaks the silence, "I must go." * * * * * * * Solo strikes a pad at the command center. Solo Instructs, “Let’s go.” Duo’s hands flash across the futuristic keypad and our spacecraft transforms into a transparent cylinder, “fold space-time.” Suddenly with an unusual ease the Portal expands sucking us into it; we are auto-secured in the quasi-invisible XR trans-tension restraint system; we travel through a spacetime continuum arriving at the outskirts of the fourdimensional world of Anon. Our combined starship hovers above in a stealth slot as we observe a bizarre happening. Katipo welcomes Dimitri mounted on a thoroughbred horse on a mid-west farm that looks like an old Southern Plantation on Planet Theia. He dismounts and they go inside an elegant home. They walk through the mansion to a room filled with gold and jewels where he welcomes a beautiful and loving woman to his side. Dimitri smiles and bows like an elegant southern gentleman. The images zoom out. Katipo leaves the scene, which is in a gilded picture frame on the stable wall. Dimitri lives in a make-believe world inside the picture frame.

187 Katipo flies out of the picture frame joining Nous and Anza at the Cosmos Comprehender in the Province of Acceptance on the four-dimensional world of Anon. They are watching Nicholas Gray Wolf, Black Elk and the other bad guys sitting with their hands and feet bound inside a large ceremonial Tipi in front of a Lakota Tribal Council. The members of the Council pass the Sacred Pipe as they contemplate the penalty. The Chief looks up with the complexity of the final authority presenting the pipe in our direction as if he knew we were watching. The view on the screen changes to Running Bear stopping to look back before entering his Tipi. Anza activates his Magical Oracle Fame. Nous nods approval. An image of Xandr and his cousins appears. "I just wanted to see if you got home okay." Xandr is sitting on 'Runs like the Wind', "Yeah we did," as he strokes his horse. Payta standing next to the horse with the other kids shouts, “What a trip." "Until next time," Anza closes the Oracle Frame. * * * * * * * Nous smiles, "I saved this for last, watch." A calendar appears on the Cosmos Comprehender. Pages turn back and forth in a searching frenzy, suddenly stopping at FEBRUARY 30TH. The page vibrates in a counterclockwise motion, becoming progressively larger and larger evolving into a Hurricane Black Hole. Off in deep space we see a struggling Daiyu captured in a Red Transparent Globe. The globe flies to the calendar and is sucked into the Black Hole with an ear-shattering thunderclap.

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