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18 Phir looks at his

18 Phir looks at his grandson lovingly, but with authority. “Okay, okay.” Anza points. The glowing pages start turning again. Phir takes a deep breath and goes into a trance. The silence of the Chamber Obscura is broken as the voice of Emera Softwind speaks from Planet Theia, “I am here. You have seen the raven and the statue?” Anza pulls his hand back. The glow fades; Phir still in the trance, gestures and Anza points again. The Tome of Legends glows again, and Phir speaks, “How did this calamity happen?" * * * * * * * As Anza, Qingling, and Phir Qi on Planet Earth experience the interplanetary transference, so do their counterparts on Planet Theia. Totfote materializes and we instinctively climb aboard for our trip to the Planet Theia. Solo leads the way and we sit in an open cabin directly behind the pilot and navigator, and are auto-secured in the quasi-invisible XR transtension restraint system. Solo instructs, "Let's go." Duo commands with authority, “Data 84342,” and his Universal Portal Prompter materializes. His fingers seem to fly across the futuristic keypad. Totfote transforms into a transparent cylindrical spacecraft; we are secured and ready to go. Duo strikes an illuminated pad as the Universal Portal Prompter isolates a glowing image of Theia, "Fold spacetime."

19 Solo strikes another pad at the command center, and suddenly with a soul wrenching blast the Portal Prompter expands sucking us into it, and we find ourselves transtraveling through a space-time continuum arriving at the Softwind Farm on Planet Theia. Our Starcruiser hovers and slowly lowers to the ground. The XR restraints release and we instinctively stand as Totfote dematerializes leaving us in a fluid state on Planet Theia. We seem to glide into and through the house stopping next to Xandr and Emera. Xandr and Emera Softwind are standing in their Chamber Obscura on Theia. Emera places a colorful Lakota ceremonial shawl over Xandr's slender shoulders. The walls are covered with Lakota Indian scrolls and paintings of mystical spiritual-like beings and maps of solar systems. The floor looks like water, and the ceiling seems to be a million miles away with stars everywhere. Emera Softwind gestures and a small flame appears under a smudge bowl floating above a tree trunk in the corner of the room and containing a blend of a cedar and sweetgrass. A classic Lakota healing aromatic scent fills the room. Except for the wooden podium, tree trunk, aroma and the Lakota Indian images, the room is just like the Chamber Obscura on Planet Earth. Xandr is wearing his Magical Transfer Ring on the first finger of his left hand and has a Carved Wood Box under his arm. The ring has an oval Alexandrite stone surrounded by ancient writings and a small diamond that is emitting an ever-changing bluish-green colored beam to the Chronicle. They watch the Chronicle of Unchangeable Changes, which rests on a Podium carved from a tree trunk; vibrate with a mysterious glow and turning pages. A red burning

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