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20 void near the top of

20 void near the top of the podium seems to be groaning with pain like a buffalo, which has lost its mate to an arrow. The Sacred Oglala Crest is missing. Emera is in a trance speaking to Phir Qi, “... it is the stable boy. I changed him into a raven and sent him to Earth, but he has taken the horse and the Sacred Oglala Crest with him,” he breathes a big sigh, "as a raven he cannot control the powers of the Crest, but he can interact with his alter ego, and take other life forms." We hear Phir Qi question Emera Softwind, "Why was the Crest with the saddle? It belongs in the podium under the Chronicle of Unchangeable Changes." "It was released from the podium so the stone in its center could be joined with the Sacred Calf Pipe at the celebration of the White Buffalo Calf Woman. The white saddle on 'Runs like the Wind' was the instrument of cartage, but now there is an ache in the podium." "It is the secret key to the magic of the Tome of Legends here on Earth, and must be returned." * * * * * * * Totfote materializes and we climb aboard for a trip to the Planet Earth. Solo leads the way directing us to our seats in the open cabin directly behind the pilot and navigator. We sit and are auto-secured in the quasi-invisible XR trans-tension restraint system. Solo instructs, "Let's go." Duo commands with authority, “Data 32784,” and his Universal Portal Prompter materializes. His fingers flash across the futuristic keypad. Totfote transforms once again for the trip to the other side of the Sun Star. Solo strikes another pad at the command center, and suddenly with the typical soul wrenching blast the Portal

21 expands sucking us in; we find ourselves traveling again through a space-time continuum. We arrive at our destination and instinctively stand up as XR releases and Totfote dematerializes leaving us near the old barn on the Planet Earth. As Interlopers, we are free to move about the Qi Farm in our fluid state for a limited time without going through the Replication Synchronization Ritual. * * * * * * * The Raven leaves his position at the window and flies right over our heads into the old barn landing on the statue's saddle. The bird looks around, pulls the crest from under his feathers and flies off to a distant cave. Searching for a safe place, he finds a crevice high up in a dark place and hides the Crest. He flies down to a small pool, and sits on a rock looking into the water. His reflection appears and slowly changes into an apparition of Dimitri Talbot. The reflection speaks, “We have to get the Tome of Legends from the boy.” The Raven responds, “We? I am you, and you are me. I’m a raven and, and you’re no help.” “You have a helper,” he points, “there, meet Natso.” A raccoon appears from behind a rock. “Natso? A raccoon, a raccoon?” he squawks, “A raccoon called Natso. You gotta be kidding; me and a raccoon? What was he before ... before becoming a raccoon? How can he help?” Notso positions itself like a bull ready for the charge, pawing the ground. He morphs into a huge ten-foot-tall Gnashing Teeth Black Raccoon Monster.

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