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22 "Wow!" Exclaims the

22 "Wow!" Exclaims the Raven as he flies off. * * * * * * * Phir Qi looks at Anza as they finish their episode with Emera and Xandr. He sees the wonder and confusion on his face, “Come with me Sūnzi, I want to show you something,” “More secret rooms?” “We are going to a place where you will understand. Come with me.” Anza puts his shades on as they leave the Chamber Obscura; they go out of the house and walk along a path in the meadow. The path changes from dirt to a seemingly endless green carpet with one cedar tree by its side that moves as they walk, remaining in the middle of the path's entire visible length. “Yeye? Where are we? I've never been here before.” “Ah, but you have Sūnzi. I brought you here when you were very small.” “But, I can see our house. How is ---?” Phir interrupts his grandson, “It's a place you can come when you have special things to do, and you don't understand.” “What kinds of things, what is this place?” “It's called the Path of Knowledge.” “Can anybody else see it? Okay ... Okay! So-o-o ... where does it go? Why are we here? Why haven't I seen it before? I've walked ---” “Sūnzi, Sūnzi. So many questions,” Phir takes Anza's arm, “come along. It hasn't been the right time ... until now.

23 But, now, now we are here, and you will see that it leads everywhere and nowhere.” “How can that be?" he looks up at his grandfather, "Does this have something to do with the statue?” “Yes. It has to do with the statue and much more.” Phir Qi explains the phenomenon of the Parallel Planets and the importance of the inscriptions on the Sacred Oglala Crest. He finishes saying, “A Stableboy was sent here by mistake. Emera Softwind, my counterpart on Planet Theia caught him stealing the Sacred Oglala Crest, and cursed him here. He took a thoroughbred horse named 'Runs like the Wind', changed him into the statue and brought him here.” “Yeye? This is very complicated, you know, with the other planet and all that stuff. What does it have to do with me? Something was sent here from another planet, and, and I ... I have to get it back by February 29th or it’s the end of the world. That's like a week away. Give me a break,” he shakes his head, “I’m just a kid, and I don’t want to save the world. You can do it; Dad can do it ... not me." “Sūnzi, you are the Chosen One and with Xandr, your counterpart, you must ---” he stops and looks at Anza’s quizzical expression. “Chosen One? Counter what?" he looks at his grandfather, "and, who is Xandr, and why---?" A voice coming from the path interrupts Anza, “It is your destiny. I will help. The answers are all right here if you ask.” Anza jumps back, “Who said that?”

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