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24 A three dimensional

24 A three dimensional face appears in the path and continues, “I am Knowledge. This is where you come for answers to questions that fulfill your destiny.” Anza looks up as he hugs his grandfather, “Yeye, I’m confused.” “Come Sūnzi, there’s something I want to show you.” They walk to the house, through the kitchen, stopping only to grab a chocolate chip cookie, and continue to the Chamber Obscura. Phir pauses, “Get the silver box,” he instructs. “I left it in the Chamber Obscura.” They enter the Grand Room and continue through the wall into the Chamber Obscura. Anza stands by the podium with the silver box. “There is a small compartment on the bottom, open it." Anza turns the box over, and follows Phir's order. "Turn the Rigui dial counterclockwise eight times to the number eight, and then clockwise three times back to the number eight. Lift the Peacock tail and slide it away from the dial." "There are more rings like mine, except they have different kinds of stones." "They belonged to your ancestors that were the Chosen One of their time. You will pass them on when it is time. Close the slide and turn the box back up. Look inside, there’s something else in the box.” “Yeah, my Magical Transfer Ring.” “Remove your sun glasses and look again.”

25 “Whoa! An iPad. I love it. I love it. How long’s this been here?” “Thousands of years.” “Thousands ... yeah right ... didn’t they just invent ...? Now you’re gonna tell me that it’s magical.” Phir looks down at his grandson with a little smile; “Yes it is. It is very magical. It’s an Oracle Frame; a seventh sense." “A seventh sense? I’ve heard of sixth sense, but never seven. What does it do?” “You will be able to talk to Xandr on Planet Theia." "Are you gonna tell me who Xandr is?" "He is the same as you, but does not have the powers you have as the Chosen One. The Oracle Frame will also help you read the Chronicle of Unchangeable Changes," Phir pauses a moment, "this is enough excitement for today. We will study more tomorrow. It's time for you to sleep.” "Don't we have to save the world today?" "First, you have to learn why you are the Chosen One, what all of this means, and how you must deal with the challenge before you can take any action. Off to bed." * * * * * * * Qingling and Anza are finishing breakfast and begin to leave as Phir stops them saying, "Come back soon. You have lessons." Anza, wearing his cool sunglasses and Qingling leave the house and run through the meadow. A slight breeze comes up in concert with harp-like music streaming through the tall grass. The kids stop and look around to

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