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28 "Okay, okay. I got it

28 "Okay, okay. I got it now. Yeye spoke Chinese," he takes a deep breath and speaks 'open portal' in Chinese, "dakai ménhu." The wall becomes transparent as the Chamber Obscura appears. "Whoa," shouts the big-eyed Qingling. Anza grabs her hand and pulls her through the wall. The surprised Qingling checks out the room stepping cautiously on the watery looking floor. Anza points his ring finger at the Tome of Legends; it glows as the pages turn. "What ... what is this?" Qingling asks. "It's a magic tome." "Tome?" "It's a ... like a book." The pages stop at a picture of a horse. "That looks like the statue in the old barn ---" Anza butts in, "I've got an idea. Let’s go." They run out of the room and go to the old barn. * * * * * * * Our line of vision beams in, as an enormous Stellar Monitor appears jutting out of the vaguely visible Portal Prompter showing scenes on Earth and Theia simultaneously. This phenomenon is more than your every day trans-travel. On Planet Theia, Xandr Softwind and Yellowflower are standing in their Chamber Obscura. They watch as pages turn in the Chronicle of Unchangeable Changes. Xandr has his Magical Transfer Ring on the first finger of his left hand.

29 The diamond is shining a blue-green colored beam to the Chronicle of Unchangeable Changes as the pages stop. We look back to Planet Earth on the Monitor. * * * * * * * Anza and Qingling cautiously enter the old barn and inspect the bronze horse. The Raven is perched in the rafters watching. Anza closes his eyes, points his ring finger and speaks 'come to life' twice in Chinese, "Lái shenghuó ... lái shenghuó." The bronze statue sheds the metal coat slowly from its head down to its feet, comes alive and rears up as the kids jump back. Surprised at what he just did, Anza proclaims, "It works, it works." 'Runs like the Wind' extends his foreleg and softly scratches the straw covered barn floor; he walks to Anza, nudges him and telepathically speaks to him, "Let's go for a ride." "Yeah, okay ... cool," he responds aloud. "Okay cool, what?" "He wants to go for a ride." "He wants you to ride him," Qingling turns around in circles, "the statue that almost looks real wants ---" "Yes, he just told me." "The horse spoke to you. I didn't hear anything." "It was like ... like in my mind." "So-o-o he didn't say anything, you just ... what? That's crazy. I gotta go. See ya."

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