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30 Qingling turns and runs out of the barn. Anza grabs a three-legged stool, steps on it, mounts the horse and rides out as Qingling watches in amazement. The Raven flies out and follows Anza. * * * * * * * We return our sights to the Stellar Monitor. On Planet Theia, Xandr and Yellow Flower watch the glowing pages of the Chronicle of Unchangeable Changes turn and stop at a picture of the statue of 'Runs like the Wind' ... the image on the page changes, the horse becomes alive with Anza riding him away from the barn. Yellowflower exclaims, "Whoa. What's happening?" Xandr counters with, "That's my horse. How'd he get in there?" "Where's there, and who's that riding him?" They look at each other with blank stares. * * * * * * * In the Stellar Monitor, we look back to Earth... Phir is waiting near the old barn with a grandfather's authoritarian hands-on-the-hips stance as Anza rides up on 'Runs like the Wind'. "I did it, I made him real," Anza shouts as he reins in creating a dust vortex. "Put him in the barn." "But ---" "No buts. Be sure he's a statue." "How?" "You knew how to make him real. Do the opposite and then come into the house."

31 "Am I in trouble?" Phir turns away and goes into the house without another word as Anza slowly dismounts 'Runs like the Wind' and leads him into the barn. "We'll go for a ride soon. I promise," he points his Magical Transfer Ring and cants 'return to a statue' in Chinese, "Fǎnhuí de diāoxiàng." The bronze skin begins covering the horse starting at the hoofs and moving up to his head. He winks at Anza just before his eyes are covered, speaking telepathically, "Thanks for the ride." Anza walks to the house with his head down as he hears his mother calling out, "Dinner." "Hi mom, hi dad," looking at Phir he says quietly and dejectedly, "grandfather," he stretches it out. "Wash your hands," Meilin Bancroft-Qi sings out in a motherly fashion as she looks at Phir, "Something going on with you and Anza?" "Sūnzi is too fast with his lessons. He skips the important parts and doesn't like it when I try to get him back on track." "What were you teaching him today?" asks Baxter Qi as he gets a weird 'none-of-your business' look from Phir, "What I mean is; a father has the right to know what studies his only son is pursuing." Phir replies sarcastically, "Home schooling is not easy, especially the language of magic that you love." "Bax was just ---" A typical interruption, "I'm hungry as a horse," Anza sings out as he jumps around the country kitchen, stopping

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