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36 "We're here to help

36 "We're here to help you save the world." "You can help? What do you know about saving the world?" "We cannot save the world but, we have seen many things," Metoo points up, "watch there, in the sky."

37 Chapter Two The Equilibrium A transparent Stellar Bubble Craft appears as a dot in the sky becoming larger and larger as it moves faster than rocket speed toward Earth causing a tremendous vibration. The Craft stops instantly and silently about two feet above the ground just a few feet from the kids. A golden glow surrounds the Craft as a doorway appears in the outer shell illuminating the interior in silvery light. A childlike soft pale-green ethereal Being floats through the doorway of the glass-like surface. The Being, clothed in a lavender silk pirate-like shirt, baggy cinched purple ankle trousers and white sandals, surrounded by the silvery light, remains suspended above the ground as the craft speeds away into space. The kids gasp in bewilderment. The smiling ethereal Being sits Buddha style two feet above the ground, with legs crossed and speaks in a childlike voice, "I am called Nous. I come from the interstitial world of Anon." Anza stares at this child-like wonder, "Inter what?" "It's a four-dimensional world." Longwei pipes in, "4D, I thought there's only 3D." "The four-dimensional world is a composite of your two worlds."

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