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38 Arthur looks puzzled

38 Arthur looks puzzled and turns to Anza, "Two worlds? Do you know about this?" "Sort of." Metoo jumps up and down, "Tell them, tell them." Nous looks at the raccoon and then the kids, "I am the keeper of planetary balance. I am the Equilibrium." The kids look quizzically at each other. "Your planet has received a person and some objects that belong on your parallel planet." Andrew begins to interrupt, but Nous makes an ethereal gesture, which magically silences him. Nous continues, "There is another planet called Theia, which is on the other side of the Sun where you cannot see it. It is like your Earth; Anza can tell you more about Theia another time." Nous studies the kids' faces, "For now all you need to know is that a horse with a white saddle and a special crest was turned into a statue, and a stable boy was turned into a raven. They were sent to Earth from Theia, which caused the planets to be out of balance." The kids look at Nous and each other in bewilderment. "These objects must be returned before the next February twenty-ninth or there will be chaos." Nous hesitates and slowly scans the faces of the puzzled kids, "Anza will need your help to return these items back to their rightful place in the universe. Think about what I have said. I will return to the Path of Knowledge when the Chosen One," looking at Anza, "summons me." With a gesture, the Stellar Bubble Craft appears in the sky, swoops in, and stops short of the kids hovering near Nous. The outer shell doorway opens discharging its silvery

39 light that joins with the light that is encompassing the Being drawing it back inside and rockets away in a silent hyperdrive as it disappears into space. "That was cool," exclaims Qingling. "Cool," resounds Longwei turning to Anza, "Okay, oh chosen one, so what's next? February twenty-ninth is not that far away." Arthur, with a serious look asks Anza, "Why do we have to do anything if that guy is the keeper of all this planet balance stuff?" "Dunno. I gotta talk to Yeye." * * * * * * * The Raven returns to the cave where he has hidden the Crest and is shouting at the pool, "Where are you? We must talk." Dimitri's image appears in the pool, "You felt it?" "Yes. The Equilibrium has appeared to the children." "We must mobilize our resources and get the Tome." "Resources?" "Go to Carl Drinkwater." "Who's that?" "He's the same as me ... us; he's our counterpart here. He can help." "Is that all?" "Go to the old barn; you'll be able to transform into your human image. Speak the words 'Yuto Keca Vicasa' twice. The transformation only works for a few moments at a time so talk quickly and explain to Drinkwater what we need him to do."

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