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40 "And-d-d ... what

40 "And-d-d ... what exactly is that ... my disembodied alter ego?"

41 Chapter Three The Space-Between Dimensions Totfote materializes and we climb aboard for our trip to the Space-Between Dimensions. Solo leads the way; we sit in an open cabin directly behind the pilot and navigator. XR activates, and we are ready. Solo instructs, "Let's go." Duo commands with authority, “Data 5168,” and his Universal Portal Prompter materializes. His fingers respond to the information as they flash back and forth across the futuristic keypad. Totfote transforms into a transparent cylinder spacecraft. Duo strikes a freshly illuminated icon as the Portal Prompter displays a glowing threedimensional image, "Fold space-time." Solo strikes another pad at the command center, and suddenly with a soul-wrenching blast, the Portal Prompter expands sucking us into it; we find ourselves traveling through a space-time continuum arriving on the outskirts of the four-dimensional world of Anon. Our ship hovers high above. It is pitch black, but we can see a portion of the four-dimensional world. A bolt of lightning shatters the blackness illuminating the four-dimensional world for a split second. "What was that?" shouts one of our interlopers. "Silence; Daiyu is displaying anger." "Who?" asks another Interloper.

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