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42 Solo explains,

42 Solo explains, "Daiyu, also known as the Black Jade, is an outcast from the four-dimensional planet of Anon and lives in the Space-Between Dimensions. We have encountered his wrath during previous travels." An entity shaped like a ghostly human form is flying like a human space ship back and forth between Earth and Theia at the speed of a super-charged rocket. The form stops for a brief moment at each planet, then moves back to the Space-Between Dimensions. This unusual vessel seems to have mastered trans-dimensional travel. Our line of vision beams in on an enormous Stellar Monitor jutting out of the Portal Prompter that shows Nous on Earth and then on Theia simultaneously. The Black Jade turns and fires a lightening bolt in our direction; it seems to travel straight toward us, but somehow, in the last moment, it is on a diverted path past our Starcruiser continuing its flight into the never-ending space beyond. "Time to go," orders Solo, "we may not be able to redirect any more hyper-trans attacks with our Stealth Averteron," Solo looks at Duo and commands, "Activate Stealth Slot Mode." Without a reply, Duo keyboards the Portal Prompter. Our Starcruiser blasts forward like it did before as Solo engages the command center. We fold through space-time and slide into an energyfield surrounded Stealth Slot in an instant. "We will be safe here," Duo assures us. It seems that we are in a synchronistic environment. We view Earth and Theia at the same time. The Stellar Monitor warps into a semi-circular one hundred eighty-degree transparent glass-like futuristic monitor.

43 Solo looks at us and says, "You may move about as we watch what is happening. Duo will direct the focal point to our particular subjects on Earth and Theia." The XR disengages and we move about. Looking in one direction, we see Anza, his father Baxter, his mother Meilin, and Phir at the dinner table. In the opposite direction, we see Xandr, his father Lone Eagle, his mother Moonshadow, and grandfather Emera at their dinner table. All that is happening on Earth is happening on Theia and vice versa. Solo instructs Duo, "Activate Earth trans-audio, and silence Theia duplicate audio transmission." Meilin looks up from her dinner and asks Anza, "What have you been doing today?" Anza looks to his grandfather for assistance, but Phir looks away, "Yeye has been helping me with my lessons, and ... and I played with cousins on the Path." Baxter looks up, "What path?" "You know, down in the meadow." "In the meadow? Have you two been up to something?" Phir keeps his head down, "Just teaching the boy about nature. We're going to have more lessons after he's done with the dishes." Baxter shakes his fork like a conductor directing an orchestra and says, "Please don't teach him how to fly or any of your other ---" Anza interrupts, "You can fly, Yeye?" "Your father is joking," he responds looking at Baxter Qi with an evil eye.

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