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44 We look the other way

44 We look the other way on the Stellar Monitor to planet Theia as Duo engages the trans-audio and we hear Xandr, "You can fly?" Solo looks back at us, the Interlopers, and says, "Let's watch and see if he can fly." Xandr and his Grandfather Emera Softwind leave the kitchen and walk down the road stopping at the edge of the Forest of Understanding as it materializes; the Forest of Understanding is the counterpart to the Path of Knowledge on Earth. Emera, carrying his ceremonial Vision Quest Cane with a Tribal Waluta at the top, looks at Xandr and says, "Because there has been a great un-happening in the universe we must be ready to act with our counterparts on the Planet Earth." Xandr starts to speak, but stops as Emera raises the Vision Quest Cane. The Tribal Waluta on top begins to unfurl even though there is no breeze at all. He grabs Emera's arm, as they are whisked-up in a mini tornado-like funnel. They fly to the stable, transform to a liquid form, and pass through the roof; returning to their original selves landing in the center of a large space. Xandr looks at Emera in wonderment, "What ---?" Emera gently pushes Xandr's chin up, "Magic my little Tȟakóža. It's magic. Come, I want to tell you a story." Emera raises his cane again and a hoop appears on the stable floor, "Sit inside the cangleška wakan," he points, "the sacred hoop is a symbol of solidarity. Here we have a link between time and space." "This is gonna be about the ---" Emera puts his finger to Xandr's lips, "A long time ago somewhere in the beginning of our solar system two plan-

45 ets collided forming parallel worlds of Theia and Earth with almost identical occupants ---" Time, as we know it, passes and Emera finishes, "We are in an unbalanced situation, which must be corrected by Anza with your help, or it will destroy both worlds." "Does Anza look like me?" "No. He is the same age, but of another ancestry." Emera raises his cane. A holographic image of Anza sitting inside a circle of stones in the old Qi barn appears. Emera lowers his Cane before Xandr can say anything, and Anza's likeness dissolves into images of Dimitri and 'Runs like the Wind'. "Look here Tȟakóža," he points, "see the stable boy, Dimitri? He stole the Sacred Oglala Crest and I sent him to Earth as a raven. He changed 'Runs like the Wind' into a statue and took him along to the other world with the Sacred Oglala Crest." "That was the explosion we heard. That's when my horse disappeared." "In my anger I created an imbalance that must be reversed. Any imbalance left unattended will create chaos and destruction in both worlds." "Why can't you just change it back?" "I have no powers on Planet Earth. Only the Chosen One can make the change and send them back." Emera raises his cane, the Tribal Waluta flutters softly and the holographic image of Anza reappears. "Is that Anza? Can we talk?" "Yes, that is Anza. I'll show you how you can speak with him another time. You have much to learn first."

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