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46 "What happens when

46 "What happens when Ate and Huku find out?" "Your Dad and Mom will find out soon enough. Let's not rush it." "Can I get my horse back?" "He must come back." * * * * * * * Solo looks back at us, the interlopers, and says, "Now we know he can fly," he looks at his navigator, "activate Earth trans-audio-video, and exit the Theia duplicate audiovideo transmission." Duo points to a diagram on the screen touching a series of icons. We hear voices from Earth and see Anza and his grandfather walking along the Path of Knowledge. It is a chilly day and Phir is wearing a classic Chinese dragon shawl that seems to be hiding something. "Yeye? Who is Nous?" "Nous? Ah, yes. You asked before and ... well, now is as good a time as any," he pauses, "you saw?" "He, it... appeared to us right here on the path." "The Equilibrium Child will only appear when the planets are imbalanced." "He .. it... ? What is Nous, a boy or girl?" "Nous is an Epicene lacking any gender distinction and is said to descend from the Ordering Force that formed the world out of the original chaos, and is the keeper of balance." "Wow, and he said I can call him when ---" Phir pulls a large colorful bow from under his dragon shawl.

47 "Where did you get that bow?" "From the Chamber Obscura; it was sent from Theia with the Tome of Legends." "If it's from the other planet then ---" "Its counterpart, a Vision Quest Cane, was sent there and altered to be used magically. This is a Sacred Oglala Bow. It was handed down by Xandr's ancestor Black Road, a real medicine man and magician." "What is that furry thing on top?" "It's from a long tailed deer. It adds powerful magic from the Thunder Beings." "Who are the Thunder Beings? What kind of magic?" Phir Qi lifts the bow high up. The deer's tail waves and there is a great vibration with a thunderous clap. Phir, with his arm around Anza, rises up and they fly from the Path of Knowledge over the rooftops, transform into a fluid form and fly through the roof into the old barn; becoming their original selves as they land. Phir and Anza are sitting on the straw covered floor inside a circle of stones as Phir finishes his story, "Or it will destroy both worlds." "You mean like totally gone?" "It is time for you to meet Xandr." Phir lifts the Sacred Bow again, but this time he slowly lowers it pointing to the center of the circle of stones. A hologram materializes with images of Xandr and Emera. "Is that Xandr?" "Yes and his grandfather Emera." Phir speaks to the hologram, "Emera. Can you hear me?" The image responds, "Yes Phir, we do."

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