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48 Phir introduces the

48 Phir introduces the boys explaining their relationship and the task they must accomplish.

49 Chapter Four The Immortal Unknown Solo readies the Starcruiser to depart our synchronistic environment for another voyage. One of the Interlopers looks over Solo's shoulder and asks, "Where are we going now?" Solo gets up from the pilot's seat and leads us away from the command center to our seats in the open cabin directly behind the pilot and navigator. Solo instructs, "Secure passengers." Duo responds with a touch to the keypad and XR engages. "We will depart for an extraordinary trip to the Residence of the Most High." Solo looks at Duo and utters a quiet command, "Let's go." Duo commands with authority, “Data 0001,” and his Universal Portal Prompter materializes. His fingers fly across the futuristic keypad, as Totfote once again transforms into a transparent cylinder spacecraft. Duo strikes an illuminated icon as the Prompter shows a glowing fourdimensional image of the Residence of the Most High on Anon, "Fold space-time." Solo strikes another control at the command center. Suddenly the Portal Prompter begins glowing with an exhilarating and soul warming feeling. A spinning deeppurple-colored Synchro Gateway appears; expanding larger, and larger, until it lifts us gently inside the Ethereal Cortex where we find ourselves traveling through a totally different type of space-time continuum, with sounds and vibrations that only an angelic chorus could have created

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