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52 "No. The Stableboy,"

52 "No. The Stableboy," Grey Form One pauses, "now a raven, has hidden the Crest, and is plotting to steal the Tome of Legends." "Is the Sacred Oglala Crest's Counterpart safe?" Grey Form Two bows to Anon, "Great Immortal Unknown; the Cosmic Eye Medallion is safe in a secret compartment within the Tome of Legends' podium." Anon motions for Grey Form Two to rise up, "The Medallion would certainly be in jeopardy if the Raven is successful in his quest for the Tome." Grey Form One responds, "There would surely be chaos for Earth and Theia." "They can only judge by the experiences of ordinary life. How insecure they are to interfere with natural principles using only the light of common knowledge and subjective ideas." The Grey Forms bow in acknowledgement. Anon gestures to the Grey Forms, "Summon Nous and," Anon pauses pointing to us, "RSR them if they wish to continue." The Grey Forms bow and turn away from Anon. Grey Form Two looks down at us, "You and your spacecraft must undergo the RSR if you wish to continue your venture here or you will certainly face destruction." Our mental message responds in unison, "We want to continue. What is RSR?" "It is the Replication Synchronization Ritual. All Interlopers must go through a process of producing an identical copy from one original DNA molecule in order for you to visit both planets simultaneously. Your spacecraft will go through a similar process. You must be synchronized or

53 you will add to the chaos. We will escort you to the Replication Synchronization Nebula." Without further ado, the awesome Grey Forms lead us out through the massive entrance, back through the Portal Prompter and down a crystallized path lined with closely anchored alternating blue and white internally lit translucent ten feet tall bamboo shoots. A mysterious force captures us, and instantly transports us the length of the path to a distant knoll. Sitting atop the knoll is the Pearl Pavilion, the ultimate Replication Synchronization Nebula, a massive silver-white cloud-like building, which is rising from beneath the ground directly in front of us as if it knew we were coming. An Intelligent multi-colored Portal bursts out from the outer shell forming a unique fractured opening inviting us to enter. Once we are inside the opening closes with a whooshing sound. We find ourselves inside the Intermix Chamber, which appears as a never-ending space. Pentagonal strands bounce around bonding with each other forming strands that go in all directions and finally into a dual forking where they replicate themselves. Watch out! Too late, swallowed up by a Helicase, which unwinds the strands, we get twisted and turned as the strands around us separate forming bubbles that are receiving our DNA proteins in segments resulting in human forms that mirror our existence. Our replicated forms move away into the duplicate of our spacecraft, Etoftot, and speed away from the Intermix Chamber at hyperdrive. The Helicase dissolves and we are lead out of the Intermix Chamber. A mysterious force captures us and positions us in our spacecraft. Aboard Totfote and without any action from

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