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56 Dimitri changes back

56 Dimitri changes back to the Raven and flies off to spy on Anza with hope to find the Tome of Legends. He perches on the sill of the Grand Room window and waits until he sees Anza and Phir go through the wall into the Chamber Obscura. Anza and Phir are standing at the glass podium in the Chamber Obscura. Anza looks over his shoulder and sees his mother and father enter the great room. "Look, Yeye it's mom and dad." "Don't worry, they can't see us." "Don't they know about this place?" "No. Just you and me." "The Raven is looking in the window." "He doesn't know about this place. Does he?" asks Phir Anza gets fidgety. "What's wrong? Have you been here without me?" "Just with Q." "Did the Raven see you come here?" "I don't know." "You should not be here without me until you are ready; there is great power here. Be careful, you will have powers you won't understand." "Like you have with the Bow? I can go to the Path if I don't understand," he looks down, "right?" "How did you get in here? Never mind. You learn fast, but understanding is one thing; control is everything. You must learn how to control your new powers."

57 "When you teach me about the Bow and the Seventh Sense, I mean Oracle Frame; will I be able to fly to the other world?" Phir Qi ignores the question, "Your lessons continue now. First, you must remember that you cannot read the Tome of Legends. It is an instrument of transference to read the Chronicle of Unchangeable Changes, which is in the other world." "Why not ...?" Anza begins. Phir interrupts, "I am the only one on Earth that has the gift to use the Tome of Legends to read the Chronicle of Unchangeable Changes for now." "You taught me the I Ching, the Book of Changes. How can the other one be Unchangeable Changes?" "In order to understand you must Paesre." "Paesre? Where is that?" "It's not a place, it's here, inside." Phir touches the center of Anza's chest and forehead simultaneously. "It's all about space without the restrictions of time. It is another dimension. It's trans-dimensional where you become one with the Universe; one with the Center of Consciousness, and move about without affecting time as you know it." He smiles with an enlightened smile, knowing Anza will soon be ready to take his place as the Chosen One, "It is a place where there is no past, no present, no future.” "No future? Move about? Like flying?" "You must hear and understand what I say. It is more than moving about and flying. It is living in conscious harmony with nature's way, to transfer your entire being to another place and remain here simultaneously. First, you must understand the great responsibility that comes with

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