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58 your legacy. It is

58 your legacy. It is time for your lessons. February 29th will be here soon. We must hurry." * * * * * * * Carl Drinkwater is sitting on a bale of hay in the old Qi barn as the brawny foreman, Nigel Churchill, walks through the open doorway wearing blue jeans, matching jacket, boots and a cowboy hat. "Hello Carl." The surprised Carl jumps up, "Mister Nigel. I, uh." "You have been spending a lot of time in this old barn." Nigel spots the statue, "What is this?" "It's nothing sir, jest sometin I found." "Just where did you find it? Never mind. What is it doing here?" The Raven flies in and perches in the rafters. Nigel looks up and sees the Raven, "Never seen a raven in these parts." "He's from somewhere else." "And just where would that be?" "Same place as the statue." The Raven flies down, morphs into Dimitri and stands next to the statue. Nigel jumps back, grabs a pitchfork and stands ready for battle. Dimitri points to himself and the statue, "We're from the other world." Nigel cautiously looks around, "How'd you do that? What other world? " "It's magic," he lies, and changes the subject. "The parallel world is on the other side of the sun."

59 "I've heard stories of another world, but thought they were just folklore." "I need your help to get the Tome of Legends from a secret room in the big house." "Tome of ...? Secret room? I do not want to be a part of your plan to steal from the Qi's," Nigel lies, "go, leave me." Dimitri morphs back into the Raven and flies out of the barn. Nigel Churchill, realizing there is more to this than meets the eye, dials his mobile phone, "Gather the hands and meet me at the corral."

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