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60 Chapter Six The

60 Chapter Six The Negative Presence Solo, studying the Stellar Monitor, looks up at Duo and says, "Something is happening on Planet Theia." Solo readies the position of our Starcruiser to depart our synchronistic environment for a new voyage experience. One of the Interlopers looks over Solo's shoulder and asks, "Where are we going now?" Solo gets up from the pilot's seat and leads us away from the command center, "Sit in your assigned seats." Solo instructs, "Secure passengers." Duo responds with a touch to the keypad and XR engages. Our replicated forms and the duplicate of our spacecraft, Etoftot, are sitting in readiness. "We will depart for an extraordinary trip to Theia." Solo looks at Duo and utters a quiet command, "Transfer into RSR mode." Duo commands with authority, “Data 84342,” and his Universal Portal Prompter materializes. His fingers fly across the futuristic keypad and he sounds out, "Data RSR777," as Totfote and its passengers slowly dematerialize. Duo strikes the remaining icon on the Prompter. "Fold synchronistic trans-conversion." We find ourselves, aboard our duplicate Starcruiser Etoftot instantly materializing on Planet Theia. XR disengages; we instinctively stand up as our synchronistic Starcruiser evaporates leaving us in this extraordinary situation as a reverse duplicate of ourselves.

61 We look around and see Nicholas Gray Wolf in the distance; a man we will soon find to be the counterpart of Nigel Churchill, another archenemy of Anza. Anza must defeat him in his quest to return the Sacred Oglala Crest, the horse and the raven to Planet Theia. The ruddy-complected Nicholas Gray Wolf, Softwind farm foreman, is riding his horse on a dirt road as four Lakota Indian bad guys on horseback come up alongside. Gray Wolf motions and they follow for a short ride. They dismount in front of an abandoned Way Station. Gray Wolf goes inside with the bad guys following close behind. The one room cabin is clean; furnished with a table and four chairs, a cot, a fireplace with pots hanging from the mantel and a sink with cupboards above. The bad guys look around in amazement. Gray Wolf sizes them up, "There's whiskey and glasses in the cupboard." The small bad guy speaks first, "Not what it looks like from outside. You fix it up like dis?" Gray Wolf smiles as the big 'in-charge' bad guy grabs a bottle and some glasses and sets them on the table with a thud. He opens the bottle and pours a drink, slams the bottle of 'Firewater' on the table, pulls out a chair and sits down. He raises his glass to Gray Wolf, "What's going on? What do you want us for?" Gray Wolf sits on the table's edge, "The stable boy stole a crest from the Softwind Farm. It is said to have great magic and hold the key to treasures beyond belief." The small bad guy says, "Where's he at? Do you want us to rough him up and take it?" "Yeah ... yeah," sounds come from the other bad guys. "It ain't gonna be that easy."

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