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66 Gray Wolf and the bad

66 Gray Wolf and the bad guys search the Qi's old barn while the Raven watches from the rafters. The small bad guy yells with excitement, "Over here." Gray Wolf and the other bad guys rush to the statue. "That's it. That's 'Runs like the Wind', Gray Wolf shouts, as he pushes the others out of the way, "Let's get the Crest from the saddle and get outta here." Gray Wolf finds the vacant spot on the saddle, "This is where it should be." The bad guys look skeptically at each other. The 'in-charge' bad guy asks, "Where do we look now? We come here to dis other world to find our fortune and...," frustrated he looks with an evil eye to Gray Wolf as he puffs up his chest. "You got any other bright ideas?" "We gotta ---" Gray Wolf starts to speak, but is interrupted by a voice from the rafters. The Raven swoops down landing on a hay bale, "No need to look. I have the Crest." The bad guys look around to see who is talking. "I'm here," says the Raven. They look at the Raven. The small bad guy asks, "'Dat bird just talk?" The Raven morphs into Dimitri surprising Gray Wolf and the bad guys. They jump back and look at Dimitri in astonishment. Gray Wolf pulls his revolver from its holster and points it at Dimitri. "No need for the gun. You're here for the Crest, but it's too late," he lies, "I've made a deal with someone else."

67 "I'll double whatever you've been promised. What do you want?" Gray Wolf waves his gun. "I want my own ranch with hundreds of horses, a beautiful loving wife and more money than I can spend." He sizes up Gray Wolf with an unsettling scowl, "Can you do better than that?" Dimitri doesn't wait for an answer and changes back to the Raven and flies away. Gray Wolf holsters his gun shouting, "Wait, wait." * * * * * * * Solo and Duo go through their procedure and we find ourselves seated in our Starcruiser on a trip to a place we visited before, but never stayed long enough to investigate. Traveling trans-dimensionally, we arrive almost immediately at the outer reaches of the four-dimensional world of Anon, to a space that is not in or out of any world, but is a portal to the outcast Space-Between Dimensions. Our ship hovers high above. Duo explains, "We are once again in a Stealth Slot that keeps our presence invisible to the occupants," he points to a glow deep in the blackness of the Space-Between. "That is Daiyu at his Cosmos Comprehender." Duo engages the trans-audio listening beam. Katipo, a slender shapely female of Chinese-Lakota heritage with long silky black hair in a black form-fitting outfit that has a Latrodectus emblem on the chest enters and stands next to Daiyu. She is wearing Platinum Chota Transport Bracelets and has her Chota Invisibility Cloak in her hand. With his eyes on the Comprehender Daiyu says, "We must get the Sacred Oglala Crest from Dimitri Talbot. You will go to the Raven on Planet Earth and promise him a better life with riches beyond his dreams."

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