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68 "Do I need to RSR?"

68 "Do I need to RSR?" "No. As an inhabitant of the Space-Between Dimensions, you cannot RSR. You may stay for short periods without generating any imbalance. "How shall I present myself?" "Use Meilin Bancroft-Qi's form while you are there." "Do I take over her body?" "No. Just shape-shift; you will have to visit Planet Theia and simulate Moonshadow Softwind as well. The plan is about deception. It is imperative that you gain both boys' confidence. You will need their help when we get the Crest.” "What shall I do when I get the Crest?" "Bring it to me," the Black Jade responds, "The Sacred Oglala Crest has great powers, and must be used in the presence of the saddle with the horse, 'Runs like the Wind'." Daiyu has not learned the total power of the Crest and how it is used with the Tome of Legends to decipher the all-powerful Chronicle of Unchangeable Changes. "When the horse is a statue the boy uses his Transfer Ring to make him alive. Can I change him with my Chota Transport Bracelets?" "Your bracelets have many powers, but not to change the horse. There is something else." Daiyu reaches into his pocket and produces a Magical Transfer Ring with a Black Jade stone inscribed with a Latrodectus symbol and surrounded by ancient writings, and a small red diamond.

69 He hands the ring to Katipo, then draws it back, "I have been waiting for the appropriate time to have you use this," he hands her the ring, "place it on the first finger of your right hand when you are on Planet Earth. The red diamond must point to the end of your finger." "Left hand when I am on Planet Theia?" "Yes. This Magical Transfer Ring can only be used with the same language as the boys use on Planet Earth and Planet Theia. The incantations are within in the Tome of Legends and Chronicle of Unchangeable Changes. The ring will give you access to them. You will use your Abstract Data Recorder to download the access codes from my Cosmos Comprehender." "How do I connect the Crest and the Tome of Legends if it is with the horse's saddle?" "You must learn from the Chosen One. When you shapeshift as his mother you will convince him you are there to help. He will listen to his mother." "I understand. When do I go?" "Now." Katipo faces the Comprehender, pushes keys on her belt buckle as rays shoot from the Comprehender to her Abstract Data Recorder Belt Buckle (ADR) downloading the codes. She stretches her arms out in front and clicks her Platinum Chota Transfer Bracelets together. She cries out to the Universe in her hybrid Chikota language. An energy field broadcasts radiant circles. She raises her arms and zooms up and away toward Earth in trans-travel mode landing near the old Qi barn as Meilin and Phir drive off in their SUV. * * * * * * *

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