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70 In response to a

70 In response to a motion from Solo, Duo repositions our Spacecraft to another stealth slot where Anon and the Grey Forms are screening their Comprehender. Anon looks up from the Comprehender, "There is another imbalance factor." The Grey Forms are standing in their prescribed position next to Anon. The Male Grey Form bows and asks, "What has happened Immortal Unknown?" "More Theialians have traveled to Earth. The task for the Chosen One has been expanded." Anon motions for the Male Grey Form to stand up straight, "There is more. Daiyu is sending Katipo to Planet Earth. The Presence will not be pleased that the outcast Black Jade plans to acquire the Sacred Crest for himself." The Female Grey Form bows and asks, "Will the Thunder Beings be allowed to help now that the situation has developed to a greater disproportion?" Anon motions for the Female Grey Form to stand up straight, "The Presence has agreed to a call for the Thunder Beings intersession, but only if they are called to assist the Chosen One." Anon looks to the Grey Forms, "Prepare to visit Planet Earth. Take human shape, search out Katipo, and create a deception; do not reveal your identity. Be vigilant and remember you are there to help the boys. I will instruct Nous to beckon the Thunder Beings to assist when they are called by the Chosen One." The Grey Forms bow, step backwards and slowly dematerialize as they trans-travel to Earth. * * * * * * * Solo repositions our spacecraft. Off our starboard side, there is the transparent duplicate of our spacecraft with

71 our replicated forms inside. Duo waves his hands in a structured pattern over the Universal Portal Prompter. We see the duplicate of our Starcruiser move slowly toward the Planet Theia as we turn toward Earth. Suddenly there is soul-wrenching awareness of a synchronistic happening as both Starcruisers snap into hyperdrive and rocket in opposite directions. We feel disembodied as a part of us goes in another direction. In an instant, we are landing on planet Earth as we did before, but now we are on Theia simultaneously. It is an extraordinary surreal sensation. The XR restraints release and we instinctively stand as our Starcruiser dematerializes leaving us in a fluid state. As we set our feet on Earth, we see Gray Wolf and his cohorts leaving the old barn crouching low as they sneak over to the stable. They steal some horses leading them away to the cover of the forest edge before mounting. As it happens, they are spotted by one of the farm hands who calls Nigel on his mobile phone. Nigel responds, "Gather the hands and meet me at the corral." We turn the other way and see Katipo land near the Qi Farm House. Katipo displaces herself to the Qi kitchen shape shifting into Meilin as Anza runs in. "Hey mom, where's Yeye?" Katipo, masquerading as Meilin responds, "He just went into town. What are you up to?" "He was going to give me some lessons." "What lessons?"

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