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72 Katipo-Meilin doesn't

72 Katipo-Meilin doesn't wait for an answer, "Come with me," she takes Anza's hand and leads him out of the kitchen to the Grand Room. "You and your grandfather come in here and then disappear through the wall to the Chamber Obscura. Show me how you go there." "What do you mean?" "I know about your secret room and what you do there," she pauses looking down at Anza, "show me." Katipo-Meilin tugs at Anza's arm, but Anza resists. "I can only go in with Yeye." Katipo-Meilin looks at Anza with disgust, "Ok, we'll wait for your grandfather. There's something else. Let's go to the old barn. I know you're hiding the statue of a horse from the other planet," she takes Anza's hand and pulls him out of the house to the old barn. Katipo-Meilin looks around the barn, as Anza stands quietly, "Here it is, the bronze statue," she turns to Anza, "you know where the Raven put the Crest that belongs with the saddle. Tell me." "What raven? What crest?" "The Raven and the Sacred Oglala Crest that came here with the statue," she grabs and shakes Anza by his shoulders and goes on with her interrogation, "tell me," frustrated, she continues, "go to your room. We'll see about this when your grandfather returns home." Anza runs out of the barn. Katipo-Meilin inspects the statue's saddle, feeling the indentation left by the missing Crest. The Raven flies down and perches on a hay bale in full sight of Katipo-Meilin.

73 She speaks to the bird, "Hello Dimitri. What did you do with the Sacred Crest?" "You're not his mother, are you?" "I know you have the Crest ... I have come from the fourth dimension to offer you a reward and help you return to your home on Theia." "Who sent you?" "It doesn't matter ... I am here to help you ... help you do something you cannot do as a bird." “I can change to my human self any time I want.” “I know you can change ... but, only for a moment, and then ---" “It's Daiyu, isn't it? He sent you. I know he was exiled from Anon to the Space-Between Dimensions. I know he wants to control the balance of the planets, and believes the Oglala Crest holds the power.” “Like I said ... I know you can only be in your human form for a short time ... February 29th is close at hand ... you will run out of time and the planets will be destroyed ... you will be destroyed with them.” “And you too.” “No. I live in the Space-Between Dimensions. I will not be affected.” She lies. “What do you offer?” "You lied to Gray Wolf about a promise made to you, but you must know that he does not have the power to grant such riches and the love of a beautiful woman." "And you do?" "Yes, plus political stature in your community."

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