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74 "Well then ... let me

74 "Well then ... let me think." "Don't think too long." * * * * * * * Nigel and his men spot Gray Wolf and his men setting up camp in the tree outcropping near the base of the hills a short distance from the farmhouse. Knowing the lay of the land, they position themselves leaving the intruders no way out, or so they surmise. They wait until dark and make their move. In the meantime, the Theialian intruders adapt to their surroundings easily since they are similar to what they are accustomed to on Planet Theia. A seasoned scout and trapper, Back Elk takes charge and secures the perimeter. Nigel and his men have the tables turned on them as they attempt to capture the horse thieves. The cunning Lakota Indians surprise and capture Nigel and his men without a shot. It takes most of the night, but Gray Wolf succeeds in convincing Nigel about their mission. They agree to team up and get the Sacred Oglala Crest.

75 Chapter Seven A Call for Help Anza stops running from the barn for a moment to see if his mother is following. Satisfied, he turns away and runs toward the Path of Knowledge. Upon arriving, he stops, looks around and calls out, “I need help." The Path transforms with the face speaking, “What knowledge do you seek?” “My mom has gone weird. Like, she isn’t my mother” “I can only help with knowledge. You need serious help." The Face in the Path turns away, "Watch, there above the meadow.” Anza looks to the sky and sees the Stellar Bubble Craft coming toward him faster than rocket speed stopping about two feet above the ground. Nous floats out of the craft suspended above the ground, encased in its normal glow, as the craft speeds away and disappears into outer space. “You can summon me yourself. Anytime, any place. What is troubling you child?” “You call me child and you want me to save the world; my mother has gone weird on me," he pauses and continues sarcastically, "I am not a child, I am the Chosen One.” “Not a child. Hmm. Before we speak of your mother, you need to know why you are the Chosen One." Nous points to the face in the Path of Knowledge. The Path speaks, "Your ancestor Tai Si, from the State of Qi, a descendant of Yu the Great, was selected by the Im-

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