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76 mortal Unknown to

76 mortal Unknown to safeguard the Cosmic Eye Medallion and the secret of the Sacred Oglala Crest. Reincarnated at the beginning of the Xia Dynasty; she continued her destiny by way of the Peaches of Immortality and speaks through me. Nous moves to watch Anza's reaction. The Path continues, "Legend says King Wen of Zhou, was walking along the Wei River when he saw Tai Si and thought she was an angel or goddess and built a bridge of boats across the River to form a path to her. The path became her source of knowledge, and continues here today in a different form to help you. Tai Si married the King and had eight sons. You are the descendant of their son King Wu, and the Chosen One to safeguard the ancient secrets." Anza looks at Nous and shouts out, "Wow." Nous speaks, "You need to know about your mother's actions. Meilin is a kind and gentle person.” “Not today, she’s different.” Nous looks at Anza, but does not speak. “What am I to do? She said she knows about the Chamber Obscura, and can read the Tome of Legends, and, and the statue and the Crest, and the raven, and, and … Yeye told me that only he and me … I … me … can … oh,” frustrated, he looks away, “mom is not supposed to know.” “This is serious. Do not be afraid. What I tell you next is going to be confusing.” Nous looks sympathetically at Anza. “Your mother went into town with your grandfather a little while ago. What you saw was Katipo from the Space- Between Dimensions. Daiyu sent her to get the Sacred Oglala Crest. She can make herself look like your mother. It's called shape-shifting”

77 “Katipo is from where, and who is Daiyu?” “Daiyu is the Black Jade,” Anza listens to the story that finishes with, “... Katipo will be wearing a Magical Transfer Ring that looks almost like your ring. You must not reveal you know who she is.” “Holy sh … shit ... sorry. She knows that I go to the Chamber Obscura, and I’m learning to read the Tome … Chronicle … oh you know. She’ll probably find out that I can make the horse come alive.” “You have done that?” Nous pauses, “of course, you have. However, this exercise by Daiyu and Katipo requires a power, which I cannot use on Earth without permission. Phir Qi has the power, but you are the Chosen One,” Nous hesitates, “have your grandfather summon me when he returns. You will need help from the Thunder Beings to accomplish your task.” “Yeye said they have powerful magic.” “I sense you mother and grandfather returning. Remember what I said.” “But, I don’t have much time to save ---,” Anza becomes silent as the Stellar Bubble Craft appears in the distant sky, swoops in, encompasses Nous, and flies off into outer space. The confused Anza walks slowly away from the Path of Knowledge and sees his mother’s SUV going down the road toward the house. "A lotta help you are," he admonishes the Path and runs home directly into the kitchen where Meilin and Phir are unpacking grocery bags. “Hey mom! Hey Yeye!” Meilin snaps back with, “Whatever happened to hello or hi? There are more groceries in the car. You can help bring them in.”

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