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78 Anza

78 Anza checks out his mother’s hand for the ring. Not seeing it, he runs out and returns putting bags on the table. He runs out again returning with more groceries. Phir smiles with a question, “Any more bags?” “Nope, that’s it.” The sound of hoof beats echoes through the window. “I hear the cuz coming. See ya.” Anza runs out as Qingling, Arthur and Longwei rein in with dust in their wake. Meilin shouts out the window, “Be home in time to groom your horses before dinner.” Anza mounts his horse, "Come on, hyah-hyah," he shouts, and they ride off to the countryside. Anza leads the way and after a short ride, they rein in and dismount at the edge of the Path of Knowledge. “You guys have to help me.” Qingling is quick to respond, “Not that save the world stuff again.” “Yes. Mom isn't always mom, and the raven took a Crest from the horse statue that we gotta get back to the other world so we don't ---" “Whoa cuz,” hollers Longwei, “we’re just kids. Saving the world is for soldiers, and politicians or ---" “Come on Longster, hear me out.” The kids sit alongside the Path of Knowledge ... time passes as Anza tells his story. He finishes with, “It’s starting to get dark. You guys are sleeping over, so we can finish after dinner when Mom, Dad and Yeye go to bed. Meet me in my room and be quiet."

79 The kids mount their horses and ride back to the Qi Farm. They dismount and walk their horses to the stable where they groom them before dinner. Later that night the kids sneak into Anza’s room. Sitting cross-legged on Anza’s bed, they stare at the antique bow propped up against the dresser. Anza senses their interest, "I’ll show you guys the bow later, but let’s do this first.” Anza puts on his Magical Transfer Ring and takes the Oracle Frame from his bedside table. He taps the Oracle Frame with his ring finger swiping it around as symbols appear. He taps an icon and Xandr appears on the screen. “Hi Anza. Who’s that with you?” The cousins sit with their mouths open in amazement. “These are my cuz … cousins,” they wave as he calls their names, “Qingling, Andrew and Longster. His name is really Longwei, but we call him Longster.” “My cousins are here too,” Yellow Flower, Little Bear, and Payta appear and wave as he introduces his cousins. “We have to be quiet so’s my folks don’t hear” “Do you know about Katipo?” Anza asks. “Yes, she appeared as my Huku, and tried to get me to let her in the Chamber Obscura.” “Huku?” asks Arthur. “Sorry. My mother," Xandr looks down with an almost shy pause, "I didn't let her in or tell her anything. What does she want from me?" “She wants the Sacred Oglala Crest.” “Doesn’t she know it’s on your planet?” “I guess she’s covering all the bases.”

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