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80 “Bases, what are

80 “Bases, what are bases?” “Never mind. I guess she figures if I don’t tell, that you might.” "She's wasting her time 'cause I don't have a clue. Oh oh, gotta go.” “See ya,” Anza presses the screen and it goes blank. “Can you get MTV on that?” Longwei asks. Anza jumps off the bed and goes to the dresser. He picks up the bow. Looking very superior, he whispers some unintelligible words and rises up sailing over and above the bed where he eases down and sits. The kid’s eyes are as big as saucers. “There are many things I can do with this magic, but I still need your help." Qingling starts to speak, but Anza puts a finger to her lips to quiet her and slides off the bed putting the bow back by the dresser. “It’s time to go. We can talk tomorrow.” Anza nudges the awestruck kids who slide off the bed and sneak out the door. * * * * * * * The next morning Anza and his cousins are walking along the Path of Knowledge when they encounter the human looking Grey Forms. They look at each other in wonderment. The Grey Forms materialize with human looks and proportions, but are still seven feet tall and grey in color. Qingling looks at Anza, “Are they supposed to know about this place?” Anza shrugs his shoulders, “I don't know.”

81 The Male Grey Form smiles, “Good morning. It's a lovely day.” Anza steps forward a little, “How do you know about this place?” The Female Grey Form responds with a smile, “We have been sent by Anon, the Immortal Unknown and are here to assist you.” Anza looks over at the Female Grey Form, “Are you Thunder Beings?” “No. They are a last recourse. We just want you to know we are here to help,” she looks down at the children stopping to fix her eyes on Anza, “The Chosen One can summon us with the Sacred Oglala Bow. Just ask for Grey Forms.” The Grey Forms rise up, change to fluid forms and slowly disappear. Longwei still looking to the sky in amazement, “Who and what was that?” Qingling turns to Anza with her eyes bugged out, “They’re our helpers to save the world, right?” "That's what they said." "Soooo, just how do they help?" Two raccoons show up on the Path. Notso sings out, “Hi kids. I saw you talking to the Greys. You shouldn’t pay any attention to them.” “Which one are you?” asks Qingling. Metoo twirls around, “He’s Notso.” Anza glares at Notso, “I'm not supposed to pay heed to you. Besides, why shouldn't we listen to them?”

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