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82 "I am more powerful

82 "I am more powerful and ..." Notso positions itself like a bull ready for the charge, pawing the ground. He morphs into a huge ten-foot-tall Gnashing Teeth Black Raccoon Monster and growls at Anza, "I am the one that can help." The cousins jump back in fear, but Anza isn't duped by the raccoon's tomfoolery. "Give me a break," he turns to Metoo as Notso becomes withdrawn and returns to normal size. “Do you know who they are?” "They are the Grey Forms, the Immortal Unknown's assistants, and they only come when there is trouble. They don't actually do anything ... they report back, and he has Nous send the Thunder Beings." Arthur looks at Metoo, “Who are the Thunder Beings, what do they have to do with us, and why should we believe a raccoon?” "You can believe me. The Thunder Beings are very powerful and they will help you when the time is right." * * * * * * * Phir Qi is standing by the kitchen table as the kids run in almost knocking Meilin over as she was going out of the house to call them. “You children must have built-in lunch meters, your mother was ---” "I must feed the animals," Meilin calls out as she recovers from the teenage rampage and continues to the stables. Anza is the first to speak. “Yeye, Yeye.” “I know, I know. Let’s have lunch and talk. Sit.” The kids sit at the kitchen table and eat their lunch.

83 Phir looks around the table stopping at Anza, “What have you told them?” he points to the others. “We've talked about the raven and the statue, and the Crest and the Thunder Beings, and ... and they've seen the Oracle Frame and the Greys and the Raccoons and ... and Xandr and Theia and ---” “Oh, my,” he gets up from the table and makes a grandfatherly gesture for the kids to continue eating. Pacing, he stops from time to time, and paces some more. “Yeye. Who are the Thunder Beings?” Phir pours a cup of tea and sits with the kids. Everyone eats in silence. After lunch he commands the cousins in a soft but firm way, “You best be getting on home." The cousins run out as Phir looks at Anza, “We have much to do. Get your backpack ready with your magical things and we will be off at first light.” "Why not now? I have to save the world, ya know." "Tomorrow is soon enough. Your school work needs to be done ... now." * * * * * * * The sun is coming up over the meadow, the air is crisp and the grass glistens with the morning dew as Phir Qi and Anza walk along the Path of Knowledge. They stop at the colorful pink-leaf Sugi tree. Phir takes off his dragon shawl and spreads it under the Sacred Chinese Cedar. Anza removes his backpack and they sit. Within moments, the Grey Forms appear as fluid forms near the end of the Path manifesting into humans as they walk toward them. The Male Grey Form looks down, “Good morning,” he acknowledges Phir with a nod.

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